Biggest Losers: Wii Fit Challenge Week 3 Results

TEB's brave competitors Jeremy and David are officially three quarters of the way through the grueling Wii Fit Challenge set before them. These two soldiers are fiercely competing to win a grease-a-licious pizza of their choosing at the other's expense. With only one week remaining, Jeremy and David are "pushing it to the limit" to trim their waistlines and firm up their cottage cheese asses. Only one man will be left standing a week from today! Who is on their way to a lifetime of fitness and who will end up using their balance board as a TV tray? The Wii Fit Challenge has not only tested our competitors physical ability, but it has also tested their mental fortitude as they drag their balances boards out from under the couch day in and day out. Did Jeremy and David shrink their BMI's last week or pack on the pounds? Let's check out their results through 3 weeks of intense Wii Fit action!

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