Consoles Should Stream to PCs

CCC Says: "Why is no one talking about this?

Your console can stream practically anything at this point. You can watch TV, play old games on a remote server, and Sony has said that the PS4 will even let you play games as you download them! Streaming is the wave of the future, and yet we here in PC land wonder “where’s the streaming love?”

Recently, Steam launched it’s in home streaming service that lets you stream games from one PC to another. This allowed you to play your awesome triple A games on computers with merely a fraction of the processing power, and it worked! You could take your dinky little business laptop and play Borderlands 2 at high spec. It was awesome."

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GribbleGrunger1415d ago (Edited 1415d ago )

I think you'll find that Sony have been talking about this since the acquisition of Gaikai (PSnow). Perhaps the question should be, why isn't anyone listening? You might want to throw TVs, Phones, Laptops, Pads and Blu-ray players in there too.

yewles11414d ago

Sony Vaio's had remote play from PS3 until the PC line was killed, in which otherwise PS4 remote play would've been probably supported too.