Great Gaming Deals No PlayStation Fan Should Miss

CCC Says: "Alright PlayStation users, listen up! While many of us still trudge down to the local GamStop or electronics departments of Target or Walmart when it comes time to spend some gaming cash, there is an easier way! Simply by firing up the old PSN, you’ll not only have access to tons of great gaming content at the tips of your fingers…but you’ll save a buck or two in the process! Many overlook this great resource, which Sony is continuality updating, sometimes on a daily basis! Compound that with the perks of being a PS Plus subscriber, and the great deals and discounts grow even larger."

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thorstein1474d ago

$30 for the Battlefield 4 Beta Disc? The game doesn't launch until September.

spektical1473d ago

the has been playable for a couple months now.

I will say these are improvements you would have expected months ago though, since your product should've been in great shape on release.