Hands-On Preview: Project CARS – The First True Next-Gen Racer | DualShockers

DualShockers' Tony Polanco writes:

"Project CARS is one of those games that came out of nowhere. I remember when I first saw the incredibly realistic screenshots of the title and wondered how I hadn’t heard about it previously. This game looked to have the same level of detail as Gran Turismo or Forza. When I saw it being demoed at the Bandai Namco event that I attended I had to see if the actual game looked as good as the screens I’ve been seeing."

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BlingBlaine1510d ago

This game will scratch my sim itch unlike Drive Club or the Crew.

Its a Gran Turismo killer, or so its attempting.

We will soon see.

HeWhoWalks1510d ago

Why even mention any of those games? Never mind that it's nothing like either The Crew or DRIVECLUB. Just be happy that you can play it soon.

OT: Been in the Alphas and Beta now for almost 2 years. Can't wait for the full release to kick in!

All_Consoles1510d ago

Gran turismo killed itself IMO with its lackluster pretty much everything except the actual gameplay

system221510d ago (Edited 1510d ago )

lets hope... although I heard this wasn't full sim either. if thats true i'm going to be double bummed out. still... i'm pretty confident i'll be picking this one up even if its not full sim.

Muigi1510d ago

I can't wait for this game! I need a good racing sim for my Ps4. Plus driveclub is coming out around the same time!

GMW1510d ago

It's a great game but i believe it will compliment Gran Turismo lovers as there is only one Gran Turismo!

system221510d ago

true... but i feel the last couple gt releases have been disappointing if i'm being completely honest. i still love it, but i'm start to wonder if its just because i'm just used to it at this point.

i have high hopes for gt 7 tho :)

GMW1508d ago

I know what you mean. Though I think we got used to GT so after the initial excitement it gets boring. If they released new cars on a weekly basis at least that would keep me busy with more new cars to run around the ring. Though I'd want cars released in the same way the manufacture releases their new models.

In fact if GT7 could include the majority of model ranges from all the manufacturers that would impress me like the very fist time I played GT1.

I also expect traction controls and rear drive versus 4wd to be important in a race depending on the location and weather. So if it rains the 4wd should have an advantage. Etc....

All_Consoles1510d ago

They chose to ignore forza 5 and horizon 2 I see

Alicornium1510d ago

This game is shaping up to be great. Looking forward to further updates/developments :)