Crytek still owns TimeSplitters, since it wasn't part of Deep Silver's Homefront deal

Crytek retains the rights to the TimeSplitters intellectual property following the publisher's sale of the Homefront franchise to Deep Silver, a representative for Deep Silver confirmed to Polygon this week.

"The TimeSplitters IP did not come with the deal — it was only for the Homefront IP," the Deep Silver spokesperson said.

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Relientk771510d ago

Let's see TimeSplitters 4

porkChop1510d ago

They've already said many times that they have no interest in reviving the TimeSplitters franchise, so why even keep it?

Rockefellow1510d ago

I'd be interested in seeing where they've said they have "no interest" in reviving it. I did a quick Google search, but nothing comprehensive.

I recall hearing about the team's excitement and passion for the franchise and a desire to create another game multiple times, and even remember them putting out some kind of social media campaign to gauge consumer interest-- sounds a lot more like a lack of funding and demographic than "no interest."

porkChop1507d ago

They said the TimeSplitters series wasn't popular enough for them to revive the series. Yeah, the developers were fans of the series, but they were never going to actually make a game.