Capcom’s Resident Evil HD Remake Is Going to Require Some Serious Compromises

GeekParty's Josh Wirtanen writes: "I’ve been a fan of survival games for as long as I can remember, and that’s a seed that was planted by the original Resident Evil for the PSOne. I have nothing but fond memories of that game.

However, I replayed it fairly recently, and it hasn’t aged well."

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yewles11386d ago

(*psst* someone should inform the writer that this is an HD Remaster of the 2002 remake on Gamecube)

Neonridr1386d ago

well, in all fairness, the Gamecube version still featured tank-like controls, limited ammo, and limited saves - so his analysis still holds true.

But the Gamecube version still holds up reasonably well visually, so there isn't going to be a huge leap in visuals..

Transporter471386d ago

I beat resident evil 1-3 recently and they play fine to me. Hell 1 and 2 still scared me with those crappy graphics lol

Number-Nine1386d ago (Edited 1386d ago )

limited ammo and limited saves you say?...oh no!

scark921386d ago

They did state that there will be a choice of control of the player, the old style or a new style, I will be playing the old style as I enjoy it, I think it adds to the horror, also I hated being able to move and shoot in Resi 6, I like how you have to be static to shoot

wheresmymonkey1386d ago

true, but limited ammo and saves are staples of the genre and cpacom have already confirmed that the HD remaster will have revamped controls for people that want them.

user95970821386d ago

Tank controls actually make perfect sense in a game with constantly changing fixed camera angles. Games with normal layout just result in running into walls everytime the perspective changes.

SnakePlissken1386d ago

The tank like controls were what made the RE series so tense and great! Games like Fear Effect and Dino Crisis borrowed the same controls.

Nowadays, all the games feel and play the same. Either first person perspective or an over the shoulder deal.

Looking forward to this HD remake nonetheless!

Hold_It1386d ago

@Neonridr, that's exactly how a Resident Evil game is supposed to play. The problem these days is people who haven't played any of the Resident Evil games (4 through 6 don't count) and then try to play the old ones and complain that they suck. Survival Horror isn't supposed to be B-Movie over the top action.

Baccra171386d ago (Edited 1386d ago )

RE4 has tank controls, you just didn't notice it due to the perspective being placed behind your back. Lets stop hating on a control system that works.

mamotte1386d ago

I hope they dont put "unlimited ammo" "The zombies gives ammo" and "autosave every second" features to make the game "better".

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Ezz20131386d ago (Edited 1386d ago )

well, when ps4 can only play games with this graphics

and xbox one with this graphics

you would know a game with some of the best graphics ever that the strongest pc would scream in pain to run them like Resident Evil HD Remake
it will have some serious compromises on consoles /s

-Foxtrot1386d ago

"The limited ammo, tank-like controls, strange camera angles, and rare save opportunities created almost all of the game’s tension, but those things are relics of a bygone era."

Says who

Maybe the tank like controls which could be updated a little bit but that's what created that horror tension in the game.

I mean a "by gone era"...yeah like the era we are in now is any better with RE5/RE6

Neonridr1386d ago

I did love the controls in RE4 though, the ability to aim in more directions that just straight, up and down was a god send.

Outside of maybe enhancing the aiming mechanism, I would change anything else about this game.

But in all fairness, I would be happy with just an HD version of the Gamecube game. Keep everything the same.

-Foxtrot1386d ago

I like the controls in RE4, hell I loved RE4 a lot, it was a step in the right direction but then they totally ruined it with RE5 and took it in the opposite direction. From what I've seen with the RE4.5 concept art co-op which they added half way through development changed everything, from the story right down to the enemies of the game.

I mean they even added chapters instead of that open level feel. RE4 had chapters but they still had hubs you could explore, the village, the castle then the island. RE5 came along and gave us selected chapters with linear levels and made it so you could only buy weapons/ammo after the level or if you die.

I didn't mind buying weapons in RE4 but I thought they would of tuned it down by RE5. Obviously they didn't and that was another problem to the huge list

Gatsu1386d ago (Edited 1386d ago )

Foxtrot you know the stuff :D and I totally agree with your comment. I think the old gameplay mechanics or "relics of a bygone era" are indeed what made the games great. The camera angles also brought tension to the areas, when never knowing what was behind the corner. Or then just by not seeing far enough because of the camera, but you still hear enemies it was scary. Also small inventory and itembox etc were cool.

In my opinion some old games or old gameplay mechanics are still better than what we see in current games. As these days games are made too easy for the player, by adding lots of different ways to fight enemies, lots of items, ammo or checkpoints etc.

ShaunCameron1386d ago

You have only technology to thank. The advancement of technology made it harder for developers to get away with questionable design choices and gameplay mechanics. The things the Survival Horror genre thrived on in the past.

Chard1386d ago (Edited 1386d ago )

It's no surprise that the quality of RE dropped after RE4, since Shinji Mikami (the main man behind RE) left Capcom after RE4. If you want to see where Resi Evil should've headed, look to The Evil Within, since that's what Mikami is working on right now.

Resi Evil now is kind of like COD without the original Infinity Ward, or Command & Conquer without Westwood, Donkey Kong without Rare, the Mana franchise without Koichi Ishii etc etc
Game franchises always seem to suffer when they lose the visionaries who built them up

cfc781386d ago

Nahh Resident Evil should of headed down the path of being a zombie survival horror game that was it's past/present and future as a series it shouldn't of ended up any other way.

Gatsu1386d ago

I miss Westwood ;C...good old C&C Tiberian Sun days.

turdburgler10801386d ago


totally agree with you. When they turned RE into another Michael bay movie it lost what made it great.

Psygnosis3331386d ago (Edited 1386d ago )

It gave you a motiv in RE4 to explore to find more gold and maybe some rare jewellery and than combine ather daemonds and make even more valueable.. I liked that

like if you think my English sucks :\

Matt6661386d ago (Edited 1386d ago )

keep the limited saves, keep the limited ammo and keep the dark and creepy environments. Keep the proper zombies, hunters, zombie dogs etc. They where things that made RE1-CVx great, and for the controls once you got use to them, there was nothing wrong with them.

If they get rid of any of them things, like they did in 4-6, it just ruin the HD remake. RE 4-6 was not survival horror, it became an action based game.

The writer of this article sounds like he doesn't like a challenge, and it sounds like he prefers the later RE's instead of the original RE's.

If they do actually go through with the HD remake of the original they have to stick with the core elements of the originals.

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Revolt131386d ago

I have also played this recently, and it was perfect, the nostalgia is real :)

gangsta_red1386d ago

The tank like controls will seem like a step back, but they really work for this game.

All the things this author mentioned is just part of what made RE1 a fantastic game. And getting rid of most of those is why the current RE games are such crap.

Even though a HD remastered of RE is nice I would rather have a new RE game that was more like the first three games or at least HD/Remaster 0 which I am sure not to many people played since it was a Gamecube exclusive.

IRetrouk1386d ago

I want resident evil 1,2,3 and code veronica redone, that would be the best thing for the ip at the min I think.

SuicidalTendencies1386d ago

Day one purchase. I just love the fact I wouldn't have to pull out my Gamecube to play it when the mood strikes. Now I hope for RE0 to follow.

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