Dying Light Gamescom Trailer Showcases 4-Player Co-Op

Looks like the first-person, open-world zombie survival game's delay has been put to good use.

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HaMM4R1468d ago

As much as I love the look of the game the idea of the stamina system really seems mad to me (unless it doesn't effect movement).

starchild1468d ago

It looks really good to me. The whole game seems to be coming together nicely.

HaMM4R1467d ago

The actual game looks pretty good but the idea of limitations on running in a game about running seems sooooo stupid. Its like limiting the amount of people you can kill in battlefield or something.

anwe1468d ago

Never really paid this title much attention. 4 player coop.... day one for me now.

Ashunderfire861468d ago

Cant wait for this game to come out! 4 player coop is going to so fun online while streaming on Twitch and Ustream! Imagine being chase by these creatures of the night with 3 other players! LOL! I can see this as the most played game of February.

pandehz1468d ago

''I can see this as the most played game of February.''

Errmm this this other game about a Witcher named Geralt. Should check it out sometimes.

Ashunderfire861467d ago

Ok Witcher fan, Witcher 3 will be fun no doubt, but Dying Light as a open world game might actually be the most played game that month, due to its multiplayer feature. Imagine 4 player parkour being chased by zombies, plus a zombie chosen player! That is a lot of replay value man! Dying Light will also compete against Evolve another 4 player mayhem around that month. While the single player fans can look forward to Witcher 3 and The Order 1886.

Salooh1468d ago

Wish if the gameplay was more like mirror's edge . But day one for sure :)

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