New PlayStationGC Teaser Hints Gamescom Theme And Show Winner 2014

Sony's brand new Gamescom trailer may be more revealing of this years theme and show winner than you realize.

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henrythomas2841354d ago

Gamescom is going to be awesome this year. Cant wait

EdnaJones971354d ago

The video is very mind gazing. Ubisofts line up is phenomenal.

Frankskint1354d ago

I had my money on the division making a storm this year, but after seeing the rect Far Cry 4 trailer and Pagin Min. I have to say very impressive work.

alvinmiller921354d ago

Far Cry 4 does look pretty awesome, but so does Assassin's Creed Unity. Show winner definitely in my book

patelsanjeed1354d ago

my only reservation with Assassin's Unity, is that its all been done before. I hardly doubt they are going to show us anything we could do in Assassin's creed 1. As much as I do like the french revolution. I am more interested in seeing more from The division.

souga_houjou_jin1354d ago

if assassins creed unity is like assassins creed 3 then no thx

the game looks like AC3 but in france and wit hbetter graphics ofc...means no stealth play and if been spotted kk soldiers at your @ss no thx

ArronNelson1354d ago

I guess no one is interested in discussing Just Dance 15? :)

charliewong9801354d ago

This made me laugh. My little sister actually loves just dance. The new trailer is very trippy. I tried pausing it to see if i see any other hidden messages.

danniellelewis1354d ago

I spotted Fifa 15, entwinded and Driveclub in the images

lisamorgan41354d ago

The author maybe over analyze this a little too much, but i guess its not an unfair assumption considering the Psychedelic theme.

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