Destiny “Currently” Has No Micro-Transactions, All In-Game Claims Bungie

Destiny “Currently” Has No Micro-Transactions, All In-Game Claims Bungie

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Lifewish1110d ago

And monkey's might fly out of my butt

FamilyGuy1110d ago

I can image them releasing extra Vault space at a cost at some point. It's just too limited with only 20 spots for weapons and 20 for armor when you consider all the cool Legendary weapons they plan to have in the game.

700p1110d ago

Monkeys fly out mine already.

HammadTheBeast1110d ago

You should get that checked.

Wedge191110d ago

Whether there are or not, I won't buy into them. I don't do micro-transactions.

Palitera1110d ago (Edited 1110d ago )

You might now buy them, but, since the meeting when they decide to do microtransactions for a game, its design needs to be adequated for it.

And that's how they affect everybody.

But who am I to say. I'm a Clash of Clans long term player...

joydestroy1110d ago

if not, that means DLC will most certainly cost monies

TimeSkipLuffy1110d ago

if it really adds more value that is ok. I pay for all my Fallout 3 DLC anytime :D

ftwrthtx1110d ago

I'll keep my pennies to myself when it comes to micro-transactions.

decimalator1110d ago

As long as it wasn't pay-to-win type micro-transactions, who gives a crap if there are micro-transactions? Nobody is forcing you to buy them. But if you want to spend $5 to make your Guardian look like a Power Ranger? Go for it. If it means Bungie can afford to continue making more FREE content, I'm all for other people to subsidize that!

FamilyGuy1110d ago

Well said, and that Power Ranger idea could actually work in this game lol.

Whirlwind_Fanfare_081110d ago (Edited 1110d ago )

'who gives a crap if there are micro-transactions? Nobody is forcing you to buy them.'

I know right? i deal with some games with it right now, but i'm not forced to buy them because i can still get them with in-game currency, so micro-transactions don't bother me since i have a choice.
Free game content? count me in! i like free content.

HammadTheBeast1110d ago

It's not too bad until they start making it so you have to complete 500 races for one car like some recent games, or buy it for $20.

Pascalini1110d ago

I'm not excited for this game anymore

Scatpants1110d ago

you wanted micro transactions?

TimeSkipLuffy1110d ago

Me too. I had hopes it will be more than a Halo shooter with some elements of this and some of that.

I probably wanted a MMO type of shooter where you have a massive map to explore, meet others on your journey and NPCs that are giving you missions. Take explorations to more planets and always find something new.

Destiny Beta is like go to this map, shoot x dead (respawning at same location) and return to tower. Got to next map. Single player experience is not so awesome... But ppl probably love the multiplayer part