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Destiny “Currently” Has No Micro-Transactions, All In-Game Claims Bungie

Destiny “Currently” Has No Micro-Transactions, All In-Game Claims Bungie (Destiny, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

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Lifewish  +   134d ago
And monkey's might fly out of my butt
FamilyGuy  +   134d ago
I can image them releasing extra Vault space at a cost at some point. It's just too limited with only 20 spots for weapons and 20 for armor when you consider all the cool Legendary weapons they plan to have in the game.
700p  +   134d ago
Monkeys fly out mine already.
HammadTheBeast  +   134d ago
You should get that checked.
Wedge19  +   134d ago
Whether there are or not, I won't buy into them. I don't do micro-transactions.
Palitera  +   134d ago
You might now buy them, but, since the meeting when they decide to do microtransactions for a game, its design needs to be adequated for it.

And that's how they affect everybody.

But who am I to say. I'm a Clash of Clans long term player...
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joydestroy  +   134d ago
if not, that means DLC will most certainly cost monies
TimeSkipLuffy  +   134d ago
if it really adds more value that is ok. I pay for all my Fallout 3 DLC anytime :D
ftwrthtx  +   134d ago
I'll keep my pennies to myself when it comes to micro-transactions.
decimalator  +   134d ago
As long as it wasn't pay-to-win type micro-transactions, who gives a crap if there are micro-transactions? Nobody is forcing you to buy them. But if you want to spend $5 to make your Guardian look like a Power Ranger? Go for it. If it means Bungie can afford to continue making more FREE content, I'm all for other people to subsidize that!
FamilyGuy  +   134d ago
Well said, and that Power Ranger idea could actually work in this game lol.
'who gives a crap if there are micro-transactions? Nobody is forcing you to buy them.'

I know right? i deal with some games with it right now, but i'm not forced to buy them because i can still get them with in-game currency, so micro-transactions don't bother me since i have a choice.
Free game content? count me in! i like free content.
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HammadTheBeast  +   134d ago
It's not too bad until they start making it so you have to complete 500 races for one car like some recent games, or buy it for $20.
Pascalini  +   134d ago
I'm not excited for this game anymore
Scatpants  +   134d ago
you wanted micro transactions?
TimeSkipLuffy  +   134d ago
Me too. I had hopes it will be more than a Halo shooter with some elements of this and some of that.

I probably wanted a MMO type of shooter where you have a massive map to explore, meet others on your journey and NPCs that are giving you missions. Take explorations to more planets and always find something new.

Destiny Beta is like go to this map, shoot x dead (respawning at same location) and return to tower. Got to next map. Single player experience is not so awesome... But ppl probably love the multiplayer part
Soldierone  +   134d ago
What? No EA styled fast pass? How will I ever enjoy my game now..... /sarcasm
gangsta_red  +   134d ago
I'll believe it when I see it. And just because they say there won't be any micro-transactions doesn't mean these guys won't bombard us gamers with a crap load of DLC.
iceman06  +   134d ago
The DLC is a known, known at this point! It's damn near industry standard. Plus, they have a season pass already. Let's just hope that content hasn't been purposely been removed to fill the DLC.
XtraTrstrL  +   134d ago
LOL, the keyword here is "Currently", but the game isn't out yet, so it means nothing. Activision is not gonna let that opportunity slip by, it's pointless for them to have even said this. By the time of release, there'll probably already be microtransactions in play.
Pinkdolphinyfg  +   134d ago
I hope not because if i were to spend hours upon hours to grind for my gear and some noob can just spend a ton of money to buy glimmer and a fast pass to all the crucible ranks i would be insanely pissed.
LAWSON72  +   134d ago
Exactly it is a shame people disagree, oh how the industry has changed. I for one like my equipment to represent my achievements in a game. How does any accomplishment feel rewarding when some one can just buy what I earned? Microtransactions do not bother me usually but in a game based around looting and grinding to get cool stuff it is just a no no.
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andydalum  +   134d ago
I hate how people react to micro transactions they are not bad. Some companies use them in the wrong way i will agree with that statement but you have to understand the concept, which no one seems to do. If micro transactions exist people go that should of been in the game to begin with . . . . Now the reality is lets say in destiny they wanted to add something like how mass effect does having your ship where you can walk around and a room for your weapons and stuff well that would take to much time for cost purposes . . . BUT if they can release it for lets say 3 dollars and it's not something you must have in the game but they can still justify making it because of this then shut up and take extra content you greedy bastards.
CrowbaitBob  +   134d ago
There will always be people that complain about everything no matter what. I'm sure there would be plenty of whining even if Bungie included every future sequel and all future DLC for the $60 retail price. Some people simply can't be happy unless thier freaking out about some random non-issue.
Meatyboy  +   134d ago
I agree, micro transactions aren't bad when used right. When they're used as a fast track option it doesn't change a thing. You are not forced to buy it, it doesn't include content you can get from just playing the game.

People have to face it that games need to make money. This game cost $800 million to make. Do you think any project like this can go ahead without investors wanting to see they're money back? It's not like bungie are squeezing all the money they can get from people like some publishers do.

As for DLC, how dare those evil money grabbing bastards try to spent more time and resources on providing more content for people who enjoy the game enough to buy it!!
andydalum  +   134d ago
. . . U do know that they have already announced that it did not cost 500 Million to make the number that was thrown around before. That is the price tag they said that would require for the 10 years of support they were going to give this game. Where in the world did u get 800 million
LAWSON72  +   134d ago
"People have to face it that games need to make money. This game cost $800 million to make."

Just wow, /facepalm the game costs no where close to $500M let alone $800M and Bungie has confirmed this
aragon  +   134d ago
Plants vs zombies garden warfare equals good example of micro transactions done right, as long as they are done right and not like some mobile games .
DarkOcelet  +   133d ago
You dont understand , people pay the 60$ to get the full product not a game with useless money grab pos practices (looking at you EA ) so when they find that their games have stuff like that they have every right to be pissed
Viperoholic  +   134d ago
if they do make microtransactions for gear and other things you must earn in the game. then consider this game traded in.
MysticStrummer  +   134d ago
That doesn't make much sense. If it's great gear you CAN'T earn in the game, then there's a problem. If it's unlockable by playing, then who cares?
Viperoholic  +   133d ago
so your telling me that your ok with the fact that your grinded 20+ hours for your full set of gear and some chump with cash bought the entire set for 5.00 or whatever the amount was. thats discusting if your ok with that.
brewskiebob  +   134d ago
Their best bet would be cosmetics. Like gear dyes of a rare colors and whatnot. I dnt see nothing wrong with that.
Boody-Bandit  +   134d ago
"Destiny “Currently” Has No Micro-Transactions, All In-Game Claims Bungie"

As it should be with every game!
If only this could once again become the norm. Yeah I know, but don't be a dream squisher. I don't want to wake up yet.
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andydalum  +   134d ago
I would hate for this to become the norm for the reason i stated earlier. Micro transactions are not a bad thing and are not evil they are a nice way for developers to work on things and add things that otherwise would of never made the cut because of budget and making the game come out at a certain time. Just don't be ignorant and use your brain and you'll realize it isn't only things that were going to be in the game originally that they release as micro transactions many of the things they release are only done with micro transactions since it justifies making it in the first place. Games are not free to make believe it or not . . . i know crazy right.
tigertron  +   134d ago
This is still an Activision game. Eventually we'll see micro-transactions...
monkeyfox  +   134d ago
decimalator nailed it.. no more to be said here...
PSIN4MANT  +   134d ago
Good, keep it that way.
juliotheman21  +   134d ago

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