Rise of the Tomb Raider on PS4/Xbox One Will Have Realistic Character Models, Mova Provides 7K POR

Rise of the Tomb Raider on Playstation 4 and Xbox One will feature realistic and highly detailed character models, all thanks to the new MoCap tech "MOVA" used by Crystal Dynamics. This new tech provides whooping 7000 reference points as compared to just 90 point of reference under normal motion capture tech.

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tdogchristy901439d ago

I'm thinking about picking tomb raider up for my newly purchased ps4. Is there any word on this being a trilogy story like so many other great series?

Also, I've had my ps4 about a week. I've noticed when I turn it on...along with the usual "on beep" I get this mechanical click. Does anyone else notice this when they turn on their ps4?

Lucreto1439d ago

That's normal the plastic is just expanding. I have my PS4 since launch and it still does it.

colonel1791439d ago

I've had my PS4 for just 4 days and it does it too.

1nsomniac1438d ago

As @Letthewookiewin says, the mechanical click is the disk drive.

Heisenburger1438d ago

I didn't play Tomb Raider before I played definitive edition. I really really enjoyed it. I would really recommend that, and ACIV Black Flag if you haven't played it.

tdogchristy901438d ago

Being a historian I enjoyed ac1-3 (100% all three) but skipped black flag. Looking to jump back in with Unity. And yes I plan to get tomb raider, it's why I asked if any kind of fleshed out story arch was planned (ie a trilogy) since there is already a sequal in the works.

Salooh1438d ago

What ever it is , it's awesome to hear it XD . Don't know why i have that feeling when i hear it lol

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--bienio--1439d ago

Cant wait!! TR was amazing, next part looks promising:)

ColeMacGrath1438d ago

You should really try the previous TR games if you haven't already.

MasterofMagnetism1439d ago

Really excited for this game.

starchild1439d ago

That's some amazing tech. I absolutely can't wait for this game. The last Tomb Raider is one of my favorite games of the past few years and it looked incredible. I have no doubt that Rise of the Tomb Raider will be one of the best looking games around.

Oschino19071439d ago

The looks combined with the action and more frequent/in depth puzzles will put it up there with the best AAA games IMO. Mixing new school tech with old school ideas, I have high expectations.

Blackcanary1439d ago

As Long as it has more Tombs in it than i am happy bring on the next one. But let me be able to do a back flip lol.

Oschino19071439d ago

Lol and swan dive into even the smallest pools of water, just like the old days.

They have confirmed more tombs and depth to them.

Blackcanary1438d ago

awwwww sweeet bring on 2015.

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