Do Third-Party Characters Have a Place in Smash Bros.?

Hardcore Gamer: Can “outsiders” actually fit into Smash Bros. seamlessly?

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ValKilmer1505d ago

Smash. Bros is the Reese's Peanut Cup of gaming. It contains things that shouldn't go with each other, but somehow when combined, is absolutely delicious.

randomass1711505d ago

That's an oddly accurate analogy. Bubble.

MSBAUSTX1505d ago

Yes well put. Besides, the characters that are in SSB are all ones we have played on Nintendo consoles for decades or solely on Nintendo consoles. Given Snake isnt solely on Nintendo but back when brawl and melee came out there were good Metal Gear games out for Nintendo systems and he started on Nintendo. So I would say the more third party characters we love the better. Bring em

randomass1711505d ago

Snake technically started on MSX but the first game was indeed made for NES with its own non-canon sequel. There is also Twin Snakes for gamecube which was okay for Nintendo fans so there was reason enough to put Snake in Smash. I hope he comes back in Smash 4 though.

JuleyJules1504d ago

Great analogy! I'd love to see characters from Wonderful 101 as well as Bayonetta - especially if future Bayonetta games might be Nintendo exclusives too.

Kos-Mos1504d ago

But what about that Sony brawler?? Didn`t they manage the same.....?
No, I guess not...

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