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Submitted by fathoms 555d ago | opinion piece

My PS4 Has Been Nothing But a Big Paperweight Since I Bought It

The author is frustrated with another day-one new console purchase, and regrets not waiting for at least a year. (PS4)

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TheSuperior  +   555d ago
Unfortunately so wish there was something to play...
CARROT180994  +   555d ago | Well said
There is loads of things to play, I have over 30 games.l
xer0  +   555d ago
Agreed - I have tonnes to get through myself.

I'm buying 2-3 games a month, and there's a lot I haven't begun to play.
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Enemy  +   555d ago | Well said
Same, and I don't even have time to play everything I've already bought on PS4. Come fall, I'll have a massive backlog seeing the flood of new games in the next couple months.

I'm more curious by what it is he's playing on other platforms.

TitanFall, which apparently no one plays anymore?
Forza 5, which is already old?
Dead Rising 3, which is already old and disappointing as well?

What is he playing? What's left besides multiplatform games that run better on PS4?
Baka-akaB  +   555d ago
Indeed , I can sympathise with someone that you bought the console without anything to play in mind .

If you are into Fifa , madden , NBA 2k , battlefield , FF14 , cod , killzone , titan Fall etc etc .... you were supposed to play it for months , not throw away games and purchase new ones every month .

And even with such a ludicrous outlook there was stuff to play
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SoapShoes  +   555d ago
If you find the PS4 to be a paperweight, what do you play on other systems? X1 and 360 haven't had any exclusives since TitanFall. They still have the multiplatform games but that obviously isn't enough for the PS4 so it's not for those systems. PS3? It's had a few but not a significant many more than PS4. There's Drakengard 3 and Tales of Xillia 2 coming up soon. But again, if the PS4 isn't enough those two games wouldn't make it more than a paperweight. You have Nintendo which is finally getting great games but one game(Mario Kart 8) isn't enough for this person, he needs more! So gaming in general must be pretty sad for him lately.
imt558  +   555d ago
I played over 30 games since launch. And that's not all games since launch.

AngelicIceDiamond  +   555d ago
Interesting the first thing people do is using X1 as a go to comparison I thought the PS4 was in a league of its own and has no comp?

There is absolutely no need to mention X1 especially considering he didn't even mention the X1 in the article.

All the PS4 games will get released this fall LBP, and DC (yes even the multiplats) the game season hasn't even started yet.

early next year looks fantastic as well. Bloodborne, The Order and hopefully No Man's Sky.

Patience is what people need to practice.
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Specter229  +   555d ago
If your counting indie games, than yeah tons to play. I'm not a huge fan of indie titles so for me there's not much to play on either of my consoles.
DeadlyOreo  +   555d ago
You know what's crazy? How fast the PS4 is selling considering it's just and "expensive paperweight" to some of these people. Anyway, been loving my paperweight since launch.
Outside_ofthe_Box  +   555d ago
This "article" is just one person's opinion. The PS4 has been a "paperweight" to a few and a gaming machine to many others. Nothing to get worked up about.
Palitera  +   555d ago
Only a few of the great games I've played:
Don't Starve
Tomb Raider
Watch Dogs (kind of...)
Trine 2

I know they can be played on another platform as well, but this is not the point here. The point is what CAN be played on PS4.

2014 sucks? Yes, deeply. The year of the remake and the delay, but that doesn't mean nothing good to play.
XBLSkull  +   555d ago
Didn't read the article but I've found this to be accurate. Hadn't turned my PS4 on since February until last week when Last of Us Remastered came out. PS4 really needs its PS3 media functionality to return.
ABizzel1  +   555d ago
Long story short, this is why most knowledgeable gamers (like myself) tell you guys to wait at least 1 full year before buying your console.

There are games to play on the PS4, however, there is a lack of variety in big buget AAA games for multiple genres when means for many traditional PS gamers who enjoy variety, it's simply not there yet.

This is always how it is at the beginning of every console generation. Launch is solid, then it's 2 - 3 different games per month, with hopefully 1 being worthwhile. Stop rushing out to buy consoles Day 1, if you can't deal with it, wait until the following year and get a deal on a console bundle (a free game, a free controller, free subscription, or possibly a price cut).

August has some good games coming.
September has some good games coming.
And from October until the end of the year there's a wave of games coming.

Tough it up, and wait, and next generation don't buy a new console until a year later, so you can enjoy a slight back catalog (plus those games should be cheaper), and always have something to play.
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NukaCola  +   555d ago
I'm playing Oddworld currently. It's incredible and brings me back to my childhood.
Drithe  +   555d ago
Out of those 30 games, not ONE is a must play. See the Wii U for great exclusive games.
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guitarded77  +   555d ago
Personally I love my PS4, but my PS3 is still head of the roost over all my other platforms. The PS4 will overtake it once some more games like Planetside2, Destiny, Uncharted, Bloodborne, LBP3, Gran Turismo, etc start coming out, but right now I mainly use it for Final Fantasy XIV.

But yeah... until then it's playing second, even third fiddle. Just need more games for me. I'm not the biggest FPS fan. I need action games, TPSs, racing, etc. will be the year the PS4 really takes off.
CuddlyREDRUM  +   555d ago
What PS4 only games are you playing?
TBONEJF   555d ago | Personal attack | show
ThanatosDMC  +   555d ago
He should gift it to a friend or family member who would actually use it.
abzdiine  +   555d ago
Tbh I don't play on PS4 tat much either since infamous but with oddworld and TLoU I'm gonna be using it much more.
I think the title of this article is garbage cause I don't understand why the console had been collecting dust since he bought it???? Why buy it in first place?
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Visiblemarc  +   555d ago
Yeah, especially with multi-platform gaming, my backlog is... significant.
AceBlazer13  +   555d ago
Let's list some of the stuff ps4 doesn't have to play.infamous, final fantasy, mlb 14, the last of us, don't starve, outlast and all the multiplats you are one poor bastard if you can't afford to buy at least 1 game for your console.
BattleAxe  +   555d ago
The vast majority of games on the PS4 are available on PS3, so there really wasn't a need for people to upgrade to a PS4 except for a couple of games like Infamous: Second Sun and Killzone: Shadow Fall, and for me, that's just not enough.
Phins007  +   555d ago
Agreed I'm loving my system, however I could see someone who's been on steam for the last few years being a little bored.
kreate  +   555d ago
what do u mean there's nothing to play?

diablo reaper of souls
plants vs zombies
warriors orochi 3
nhl 15
air conflicts vietnam
natural doctrine
fifa 15
shadow warrior
middle earth:shadow of mordor
next sherlock holmes
motoGP 14

is all coming out from now til september on the ps4. these are not counting PSN games.
i just did a simple search on google geez...

if u buy a system day 1. u should at least have a idea of what games are coming out on its first year.
Double Toasted  +   555d ago
Lol. I saw this coming a mile away, which is why I haven't bought one. I honestly don't see or haven't seen what game(s) people bought the PS4 for.
VforVideogames  +   555d ago
Non of those 30 games are even worth mentioning.
DragonKnight  +   555d ago
I have been playing more PS3 than my PS4. I have maybe 6 games for my PS4, 2 of them are AAA games the rest are indie and I can't really get into the indie games.

See, there's this concept known as "taste" which is different for everyone.

If you love indie games, then the PS4 is doing great for you. If you love remastered games, then the PS4 is doing great for you. If you love AAA games then the PS4 has dabbled in pleasing you but has a lot more work to do.

Personally, I haven't cared for the indie games, and I don't buy remasters of games that are less than a year to a couple years old. I already own FF14 on my PS3, didn't find it different enough from other MMOs to continue a subscription to it. I already own Tomb Raider and The Last of Us for my PS3 and don't care about 60FPS or 1080p. If I can play a game, finish a game, have no problems with the game, and enjoy it then its resolution and framerate don't matter to me at all. So, I didn't buy the remasters because I'm not going to support laziness and filler material from companies who began a gen they weren't prepared to support out of the gate.

All that said, there would be WAY less for me on the Xbox One if I had any inclination to own one.

Face the facts that right now, what MOST of us game for is not in great abundance. That doesn't mean there's nothing to play, just that what there is available may not satisfy everyone and that's ok.

**EDIT** It is for precisely reasons like this that I will never sell, or trade, my older consoles and never suggest that anyone else do so.
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rawz  +   555d ago
If you compare your next-gen system to a PC, I'll let one say they have no games. But it's not right to compare PS4 and X1 since PS4 has more games actually. It just comes down to the personal preference of which games are your cup of tea.
MazzingerZ  +   555d ago
Does the PS3 or X360 have more games to offer to old owners? Haven't played anything on PS3 for a while but looking forward to play soon KIllzoneSF, Infamous SS, DriveClub, LBP3 and other nice MP

First year of a new console is always rather slow, no surpise here really
avengers1978  +   555d ago
I guess it sucks to be so unwilling to play games. There are tons of great F2P games if you don't want to spend money PS+ has offered up a variety of solid indie games and there's been some good retail releases. I have probably played 30+ games on PS4 already. Been loving my day one purchase and using my PS4 on almost a daily basis.
condemmedman  +   555d ago
@ enemy
You statement is complete utter crap
Titan fall loads of games to play

I'm still loving dead rising and to call it old
That means the last of us is old because that's older than all those games .

Really, just get over it .
wolfcreek  +   555d ago
lol yeah what except for a couple of games. they are all either last gen games already out or indie games or buy to play for free to play to buy for free to buy to play for free or nothing. . Indies are fine except I didnt get a ps4 to play games a gameboy could play. Games are coming out in the next 3 wweks to 3 months and then maybe ps4 will have games worth playing like plants warfare and destiny and lbp3
morganfell  +   555d ago

Enough Already. Here is an aricle about Microsoft's Press Conference and you bring up the great software on the PS3:

Pot meet kettle...

That is just one example I found and it was on the second page of your remarks I searched. I do not like MS, in fact I cannot stand Microsoft. But if you are going to attack someone's remarks do so without hypocrisy.

There are plenty of games on the PS4. Gameskinny has proven itself to be a vapid site that relies on controversial titles of hit pieces rather than insightful journalism to gewnerate hits. The best thing people can do is vote them down above and refuse to click to anymore of their articles.
Boody-Bandit  +   555d ago
Best damn paperweight I've ever owned! Except mine doesn't have paper under it and if it did it would catch fire from the heat of my PS4 almost always being on.

Really wish N4G would enable an ignore option for sites. I'm beyond bored with trash like this.

Voting sites down don't do a damn thing on this site. N4G feeds off of trash like this. Take vgchartz for example.
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morganfell  +   555d ago

I know it doesn't do anything. That is why I said "The best thing people can do..." as in the only alternative we have...but not the preferable action. I know it is broken. Besides, N4G obviously takes payoffs from sites. vgchartz is an undeniable example. People on every side have been trying to get rid of that trash for years.

I contacted the mods over that very issue and was promised by Cat that a new setup was coming to allow users to better control what was published but that has turned out to be another case of mods stalling when confronted with the facts. I absolutely agree with you. I wish there was a site ignore button as vgchartz, gameskinny and polygon would be at the top of my list.
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thunderbear  +   554d ago
I see both sides. I've enjoyed Killzone (including the co-op addon), Infamous, and Watch Dogs + some indies (notably Abe's Oddesy remake)but too many triple A games have been delayed and that has made this year a bit disappointing for sure.

The thing is, even if I knew before I bought the PS4 that it'd turn out like this I would still have bought one.

Future is looking bright though.
walkincarpet  +   554d ago
Yes, there are loads of games to play but I think like many of us the author only wants to play GREAT GAMES.

That is why I went with the X1 first so I would have some great games to play in the first year - Titanfall being the first. I think Sunset Overdrive will be next. I'll definitely play Destiny, but don't doubt this will be overshadowed by the Master Chief Collection in December. Gaucamelee ended up being a great game as well and I'm sure all systems have there fair share of indie gems. But you don't purchase a new system for these small games. Titanfall by itself is unbelievably fun and the cloud server alone separates it head and shoulders from the COD games. For PS gamers they have Last of Us remake now and will have Bloodborne next which will be the first games I will buy for $20~30 when I buy the system for $200 years from now. In meantime, I'll continue to rock multiplayer on X1.
Anon1974  +   554d ago
If you're PS4 is a paperweight, you're not a gamer. It's that simple.

Flamebait nonsense.
Douchebag696  +   555d ago
Perhaps you should've done a little bit better planning instead of buying your console at launch.
caseh  +   555d ago
It's an easy enough mistake to make. I bought the PS4 thinking that Blacklight, Warframe and War Thunder would tide me over in between releases but honestly that hasn't been the case.

None of the usual suspects like Fifa, CoD, BF4 and Madden interest me, 90% of the PSN+ offerings have been throwaways so far. It's all a matter of opinion of course but there have been so many delays or games that just haven't had any longevity that I find i'm looking towards the next release dates for a game to play far too often.
Baka-akaB  +   555d ago
But seems to me that's not so easy a mistake , most of those things were easy to planify for , except delays of Watchdogs and Driveclub . I know i'm being harsh , but i wouldnt bother with it if i wasnt interested by the multiplatform titles , and had to rely on f2p stuff to pass time .

I literally yelled at friends getting those consoles , while selling their ps3 or 360, knowing the early library wouldnt be stuff they are into . And here they are complaining , no surprise there
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Dee_91  +   555d ago
I bought my PS4 fully knowing I would still be spending most of my time on my PS3 for the next year or 2. If you thought you would be getting new games left and right when you are only into certain types of games then you set your self up for disappointment.
colonel179  +   555d ago
The same thing happened with the PS3. I remember that I started buying PS2 games because there weren't many games for the PS3 released yet. Great games take time to make, the only difference now, is that with the PS3, a lot of games were announce long time before they were released, so at least we knew what was coming.
LordMaim  +   555d ago
Heck, the same thing happened with the PS2 at launch. That took quite a while to ramp up too, but eventually it was a flood of content.

That's just what launch windows are like.
BlackTar187  +   555d ago
It is the same thing every single time yet people fail to ever remember.

Hope for humanity is constantly smashed by these articles.
FayZ_  +   555d ago
tell me about it, i didn't pay £350 to play indie games, the so called AAA titles really suck too, enjoying last of us though, 1st good ps4 games and sadly it might be the best even though its a last gen title.
guyman  +   555d ago
TLOU remastered is the best game out between xbox one and ps4 currently. Infamous ss was fun but nothing exceptional as well (although i enjoyed it a lot)
BlackTar187  +   555d ago
i hope this was your first Generation release otherwise you deserve what you got.
GribbleGrunger  +   555d ago
Fascinating, isn't it. Here we have a console with absolutely nothing on it to play and it's sitting at 9.3m sold, ahead of the console (with COUNTLESS AAA titles) by a whopping 4.3 million sales ... God only knows what will happen when people stop using it as a paperweight and start buying the games. Apart from TLOUR, Diablo 3, Infamous: First Light and Abe's Odyssey, I have absolutely zero games to play this month.
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pyramidshead  +   555d ago
Opinions and fanboy lists happen. When you don't like a game it instantly disappears from reality as if it never existed.
cheetah  +   555d ago
"Countless AAA titles"

You are joking right?
Magicite  +   555d ago
Im gonna buy PS4 next year when my PS3 backlog will be empty (hopefully) and PS4 backlog have grown big enough. Also there might be some unofficial price cuts.

Cheapest PS4 Ive seen in shop recently is 347euro (in Latvia), which is already 50euro below retail price.
DigitalRaptor  +   555d ago
Boo hoo author, boo hoo.

Maybe next time you'll wait until you see a few games that you know will hold your attention before buying a console at launch. Or maybe try out more games cause it has plenty of good ones.
Rimeskeem  +   555d ago
Out of have 180+ games you couldn't find anything to play?

You either have no taste in games or don't actually have the console
frezhblunts  +   555d ago
Very true superior the only good few for me is infamous and last of us. I go back and forth with my wii u to keep me busy. I think two consoles is the way to go. Lmao 30 games? maybe if you like every ps3 to ps4 game and all the indie games. Some might already have all the same games on ps3.........
FanboyKilla  +   555d ago
i agree. the truth shall set you free. lmfao at you guys dc. he doesn't mean there arent games to play. he means none he cares to play. you guys will name games you dont even play or enjoy smh. list the games again fanboys, and i bet there are more games on it you dont play than there are those you do.
greenlantern2814  +   554d ago
There are more games on every console that has ever been released that the people who own them don't play than the ones they do play.
I am sure you beloved XB1 has more games on it than you own. So just stop with your pointless Xbox fan boy B.S you constantly call people fanboys when you yourself are a huge Xbox fanboy.
CaptainObvious878  +   555d ago

And that list doesn't include tlou

If the author of the article is unstimulated by the PS4 games, then he/she must be down right bored to death of the xbone.

When are people going to stop looking like idiots? I keep correcting them, but they just keep spouting tht rhetoric. It's bordering on insane.
andibandit  +   555d ago
That list reeks of desperation when it lists

X1: Zumba World Party(is this even a game?)
PS4: That Trivia Game(zzZZZzzz)
spacedelete  +   555d ago
well i've been using my PS4 for illegal movie piracy. people don't realise the web browser has a built in MP4 player and HTML5.
3-4-5  +   555d ago
The problem usually is, if your not into a certain game type at that moment, then those games won't appeal to you.

There really aren't that many great next gen games.

There are solid games, but I'm considering getting a BC PS3 and a ton of PS2/PS3 games for the next year or so and then get a PS4.
Fullmetalevolust  +   555d ago
Ugh to those who complain about having a ps4 and aren't playing games on it!
At least you can afford one, lol!
If anyone isn't playing their PS4, I'll take it off your hands.
Pogmathoin   555d ago | Off topic | show
showtimefolks  +   555d ago
Yeh no games, please keep complaining, xbox one and ps4 have been the best supported consoles by 1st year comparison to other console launches

Games out already on ps4/xbox one:

Killzone shadow fall
forza 5
dead rising 3
infamous second son
tomb raider definitive edition
watch dogs
bound by flames
wolfenstien:the new order
need for speed rivals
nba 2k14
DC universe online
MGS:ground zeroes
call of duty Ghosts
don't starve
Trials fusion
TowerFall Ascension
child of light
Rayman Legends
AC:black flag
the last of us remastered

yeh to come:

Call of duty advanced warfare
dragon age
middle earth
sunset overdrive(xbox one)
forza horizon 2(xbox one)
drive club
farcry 4
Diablo III: Ultimate Evil Edition
madden 15
nba 2k15
wwe 2k15
Alien: Isolation
the evil within
the crew
The Elder Scrolls: Online
Guilty Gear Xrd Sign

yeh so no games. SMH

look at the damn wii-u still not having games 2 years after launch. Ps4/xbox one have very good games already out. Now people expected some of the best games to be available at launch, but if you been gaming for more than 10 years, than you know new console launches usually don't bring with them a lot of software support for first 12-18 months

yet ps4 and xbox one have both done well
ZombieKiller  +   555d ago
There are alot of cheaper paper weights out there. Maybe you check the local game store and see that PlayStation has plenty to play right now.

Doesn't PS+ give out free games almost every Tuesday around 5:30PM? Yeah no games..../s

Gaming journalism AT IT'S BEST!
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kamisama  +   555d ago
I don't know why people are still complaining about having no games that's your own damn fault because I haven plenty of games to still go through
vork77  +   555d ago
there is more ps4 games to buy now like odd world new and tasty
XxExacutionerxX  +   555d ago
I felt that way and then I sold the Ps4....well that dumb stupid game came out "Last of Us Remastered" Had to buy the Ps4 again. The Xbox 360 had to be sacrifice, I will miss you. I really hate sony fanboys and I really love microsoft but I will always have a soft spot for playstation. Same thing happened when I had the Ps3, it just had to be there and Metal Gear Solid 4. I love the Ps4, or the Playstation brand.
user367272  +   555d ago
Sold my PS4 2 weeks ago. Sticking to one console only this generation. Games are similar but I just love MS exclusives like Halo and Gears more. No need for 2 systems taking up valuable space in my entertainment unit.
Fanci  +   555d ago
There has been a lack of any consistency concerning the launch of AAA games which is definitely holding it back, the PS4 seem's to be a bit behind for post launch games for sure. This should change around October though.
Spotie  +   555d ago
A bit behind what?
The_Infected  +   555d ago
Here's your big paperweight.
saber00005  +   555d ago
It all depends on what type of gamer you are. I have 9 games so far. However if you don't like FPS, MMOs, or whatever, I can see how one would have nothing to play. 1st world problems rofl..
Tzuno  +   555d ago
When the console will be re-released in the slim version only then ps4 will have some games to play until then fanboys will keep whining and praise the sun.
assdan  +   554d ago
I've already put tons of hours into my ps4. I've bought 4 games so far, and I've already used it for a couple hundred hours. I knew this would start out slow, but if this is a paperweight to you, you probably shouldn't have bought it. If you aren't using your ps4 at this point, you aren't even trying to use it.
ramiuk1  +   554d ago
i didnt get the games coming to ps4 on last gen.
BF4,ghosts,fifa,ac4 but there is plenty of games out for it anyway.
there have been more games on next gen than there was aroudn the same time year before on old gen
Pozzle  +   555d ago
I never understand why people buy consoles on day-one if they aren't interested in any of the launch games. I only buy consoles once I feel there is a decent library of games that will make the purchase worth it.
Bonkerz  +   555d ago
I am gonna be 100% honest with you. Myself i am planning to buy a PS4 soon, but this is definitely not the launch window anymore. I mean X1 has had pretty good releases since launch and at launch. The pS4 is definitely not offering the same game library (AS OF NOW). At launch X1 had a decent library, and since they did release one of the most anticipated FPS for quite some time. Sunset Overdrive is coming soon, as well as FH2.

Like i said im not trying to start anything, but if you are considering now "launch window" you are wrong.
KwietStorm  +   555d ago
I am gonna be honest with you. This mentality that Xbox has some amazing library AS OF RIGHT NOW, in comparison to PS4, is really tired. Neither console has a multitude of games to choose from, and there are clearly a good amount of games on PS4 that you can't play on Xbox either. It's so funny how last gen, certain people stood by their quality over quantity talk when PS3 was getting a new exclusive every other month. Now Xbox had a few at release, and all of a sudden PS4 has no games. lol..
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MarcoGT  +   555d ago
I'm gonna be honest, I got ps4 but the lack of racing games is grim, forza 5 and horizon alone make me wish I got an xbodge instead but I might get one for christmas then have both to enjoy all exclusives.
Baka-akaB  +   555d ago
Honestly you dont have any less stuff on ps4 . A better wording would be that you prefer the xb1 upcoming library , wich would be a fine argument
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franwex  +   555d ago
Why all the honesty?
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Neonridr  +   555d ago
yep, I bought one a few days after launch. Wasn't planning on getting one right away, but I had a bunch of gift cards, and lucked out finding one, so I figured what the heck...

that being said, I do have a fair amount of games for it (8 currently), so I am enjoying it a fair bit. Especially now since I am playing through TLOU for the first time.
Gh05t  +   555d ago
How about understanding that some people buy a console day one hoping that the games that do come out will last us longer than they have been.

I bought an X1 and I feel the same way this author feels. I rarely touch it.

I bought battlefield 4 which was such a disaster at launch and hard to play in parties that I eventually just gave up on it. (I played BF3 for over a year)

I bough Titanfall hoping it would be a COD replacement as I have vowed to not buy anymore of those. It lasted three weeks before the gameplay became stale and nothing special about it.

I bought Watch Dogs hoping I could play it like I played other open world games like GTA and Saints Row. I was done and bored with that after one week.

There are plenty of games but none of them have grabbed me personally as I was hoping they would. I don't know if I am just getting older (tastes changing) or games are truly getting so repetitive its boring.

So anyways I had planned on the games lasting longer than one month each which NONE have for me.

I also tried getting the powershots golf as I used to play Hot Shots golf 2 and 4 for months. It was retarded with no multiplayer and a severe cliff (imo) in difficulty.

I got Trials fusion which also lasted a whole two weeks as they decided to not release multiplayer with the game. Which I didnt know until after I bought it (My fault I know, I assumed and I'm the ass) but that didn't make it last any longer.

So to sum it up I was interested in plenty of games but none of them lasted as long as I was hoping which leaves my console sitting on my desk unused as I play my PC until something comes out that I want on X1 (Im looking at you Destiny, Sunset overdrive, and MCC).
strangeaeon  +   555d ago
Agreed, I feel the same way, totally let down so far on all current gen offerings on all platforms.If current gen were all embodied in one console, I wouldn't use it as a paperweight, I'd use it as an anchor.
Mkai28  +   555d ago
Because you gotta have it before
#2.4 (Edited 555d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
ChickenOfTheCaveMan  +   555d ago
But then why do have to be all-in?

I recently bought my PS4, played Second Son and now TLOU:R, but Dragon's Crown was just made available on PS+, so I'll jump back on my PS3 for sure. Then NHL15 will come and I'll play on my PS4.

They'll co-exist for a while and at some point I'll forgot about my PS3 because the games library on PS4 will grow...
XxExacutionerxX  +   555d ago
I buy consoles on day one because the memory of when I got the console will always stay with me. This is one reason why consoles are better than pc.
condemmedman  +   555d ago
?????? I have a memory of passing my driving test, getting a job and having a child but remembering a console launch/purchase ? That's sad .
Locknuts  +   555d ago
Exactly. I'll just leave this here:
vega275  +   555d ago
I guess this is the other part of "why I want to trade my x1 for a ps4"

I agree my ps4 has become a paperweight. I haven't played it in months. I have most of the indie games for it on pc and I got bored of infamous awhile ago and I refuse to rebuy the last of us since I have it for ps3. I'm not buying destiny this year cause I'm buying other games that got my interest. So yeah it's a paperweight this year
SaveFerris  +   555d ago
That's one very expensive paperweight, huh?
vega275  +   555d ago
At this point yeah it kind of is. Maybe next year
DigitalRaptor  +   555d ago
Why would you get a PS4 when you clearly have no interest in its lineup, obviously knew a great deal of the Indies were playable on your PC and when you spent last gen trolling PS3, with a penchant for doing the same for the next Sony console?

Vega75 was it?
#3.2 (Edited 555d ago ) | Agree(6) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
vega275  +   555d ago
I brought the ps4 for deep down. Which I have said many time on here and you talk about someone trolling last gen. Check your own history. At least I can say I own the system to make a judgement regardless of my feeling towards a company. Can you say the same cause all you do is bash ms. I never heard you say you own the console when you decide to pass judgement. I can honestly say I played the game and didn't like it. I may also rent the game later or get it from my friend when he's done. Can you say the same?

So before you jump on my comment. Maybe you should stop trying to point me out and look at yourself.

P.s. yes my name was vega75 when I joined in 2005 til last year when my account got hacked so i had to start a new one and have been using the same one since. Anything else
#3.2.1 (Edited 555d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(6) | Report
MRMagoo123  +   555d ago
Maybe because digital raptor isn't stupid enough to buy a console he doesn't want, you don't need to get an xbone to KNOW it's not as good as the ps4 , I myself left that to other people and checked it out via friends which all that did was re affirm why I didn't want one anyway.

People saying they don't want indies because they are on pc already should have a minute of silence for the xbone because it doesn't even have exclusives that aren't on pc or coming to pc soon without even mentioning indies.

Half of you xbone fanboys pretend they have a ps4 then later get caught out about it, most couldn't tell the truth if their life depended on it, case in point the comments from bonkerz further up the thread, he doesn't even know what console he is meant to own because of all his bs. It was just xbone then it was ps4 then it was ps4 and xbone and now he is getting a ps4 soon lol. You are all just a bunch of hypocrites.
#3.2.2 (Edited 555d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(3) | Report
vega275  +   555d ago

or maybe he just a hater spreading his hate for a system like yourself. I don't let friends dictate what i like or buy. my opinions are based off playing the game or system to determine which one is better for me and right now the x1 is that system for me.

"People saying they don't want indies because they are on pc"

funny i never said i didn't like indies. maybe you need to check my history to see i never made that statement.

" should have a minute of silence for the xbone because it doesn't even have exclusives that aren't on pc or coming to pc soon without even mentioning indies"

funny i can say the very same thing about the ps4. planetside 2,dc universe,warframe, H1Z1 zombie surviveal,ect should i go on. that's also not including indies.

"Half of you xbone fanboys pretend they have a ps4 then later get caught out about it"

anytime you want proof of my ps4/ps3 ownership just ask. I don't need to lie about what i own or what i got.

"You are all just a bunch of hypocrites"

only one's i see is you and him followed by a few others. cause i just laugh when i see sonyfanboys tell someone on here they should try a game before judging yet turn around and say i don't need to play a x1/360 game to make a decision or why would anyone want to play an inferior port. but funny ps3 had many inferior ports last did that work out for you all of last gen.

yeah but we are the hypocrites.....go figure
#3.2.3 (Edited 555d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(6) | Report
tgunzz  +   555d ago
Articles like this only states the obvious. There is never a large crop of games at launch for new consoles (thats why bc was always good), it allowed you to reduce the cost of upgrade by trading up your console, and continue playing last gens awesome line up to hold you over (on one console). All in all, just get the new consoles a yr after launch if you don't want to paper weights (you are your own problem). Between working, spending time with family/friends, there is enough content on my xb/ps4/wiiu combined to hold me over without droughts... Game on.
Meltic  +   555d ago
Mine was dust until TLOU was released on the ps4. Did play infamous second son for fun sometimes. Cant wait until the end of this year with all good releases.
polow got sol  +   555d ago
I agree, too bad it doesnt grill chicken like the ps3 did.
DeadlyOreo  +   555d ago
I found this way too hilarious. But I disagreed. I hope you understand.
SliceOfTruth888  +   555d ago
couldn't agree more. there is no doubt that the PS4 is more powerfull, but as for games Xbox is knocking it out of the park when compared to Sony. My PS4 sits and waits for maybe driveclub if i have time away from Destiny, Sunset, Halo and yeah ill say COD lol
OmegaShen  +   555d ago
Might want to try harder on trolling, PS4 has alot more games then X1. Even games like garden warfare is coming to PS4.
ger2396  +   555d ago
It must be nice to be able to buy a luxury item to use as a paper weight.
madjedi  +   555d ago
So having 90% of the exact same games as your competitor, and maybe 5-10 games that are different is knocking the competition out of the park?

There are opinionated fanboys, then there are asshat fanboys who will shit over good games for no reason.

The primary difference is despite being pro ms or pro sony ect, they still want to play the competitors games eventually because they look fun.

At the risk of sounding like one of these dbag true/real gamer types, i do eventually want to own all the systems for the games that appeal to me.
#6.3 (Edited 555d ago ) | Agree(10) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
Master-H  +   555d ago
Right...IN 2014 Ps4 had Infamous, MLB the Show , TLOU Remaster, and Final Fantasy XIV (if you wanna count console exclusives), that's 4 games.

Xbox had what ? TitanFall, Kinect Sports Rivals , and PvZ time if you wanna count that (coming to ps4 soon), that's 3 games.

Soon PS4 gonna get : LBP 3, Drive Club, Guilty Gear, Samuri Warriors, PlanetSide 2 (f2p), Natural Doctrine

Soon on xb1 : MCC , Sunset Overdrive, Forza Horizon 2, Project Spark (f2p)

So again, how exactly have Ms been knocking it out of the park while Sony is lagging behind ??
BattleTorn  +   555d ago
Easy. He's counting all the multiplats he got on X1/
Kiwi66  +   555d ago
You forgot forza 5 and what about dead rising 3
kingvendrick  +   555d ago
@MrKrispy because those were released 2013, he's talking 2014 releases.

At least read the comment before commenting lol.
Silly gameAr  +   555d ago
Sale it. Might get lucky and sale it to someone who likes to play games.
MRMagoo123  +   555d ago

Edit: I didn't disagree tho , It just annoys me a little when people don't use sale and sell correctly. I think it's a good idea for him to sell it to someone who knows the ps4 has plenty of value.
#7.1 (Edited 555d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Silly gameAr  +   555d ago
No problem man. I don't get my panties in a bunch when someone corrects me on my grammar lol.
kingvendrick  +   555d ago
@Silly gameAr, he was criticising your spelling, not your grammar. Sell not sale.
Silly gameAr  +   554d ago
Ummm. No he wasn't.
MegaSceptile  +   555d ago
wahhhhhhhhhh ps4 haz no gemz wahhhhhhhhh
rapidturtle  +   555d ago
I regret it also. Should have just waited it out until this holiday season.
Gh05t  +   555d ago
Yeah me too and Im in the Xbox camp... It sucks when the grass isnt green on either side of the fence.
wynams  +   555d ago
Been playing the crap outta mine since release
ACIV, Resogun, Watch_dogs, MLBTheShow14, Transistor, FIFA ... hours gonna be spikin tho when that UEE releases in 11 days
OUROSMAG  +   555d ago
Clickbait is fun!
Scark92  +   555d ago
Best time to buy a PS4 is after summer imo, or the beginning of winter imo, for me anyway
KonsoruMasuta  +   555d ago
Yeah, I bought one at launch but it hasn't gotten much use. The lack of JRPGs is a big factor in it.

I play my PS3 way more than I play my PS4.

I don't regret buying not though. I know that I will enjoy it when more games start rolling in.
Drakesfortune  +   555d ago
i just hate how it isnt as up to speed as like the ps3 in terms of apps and firmware..

i mean no dlna, no mp3 playback no media play back/ not as many apps, the was no 3d bluray until recentlu..i know it will eventually have all these again but i mean it should already have the same features as ps3 and then adding new ones not adding old features again...

and please piss off with the indie games...thats all it seems to be at moment...jesus should waited until 2015

however im still happy that i can say i have a ps4
#14 (Edited 555d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(11) | Report | Reply
Harpers_Ferry  +   555d ago
Welcome to the typical first year of a console launch.
iceman06  +   555d ago
It's sad that you have to say that...but oh sooo true. It seems like somewhere along the way, people forgot how console launches go. This generation, at least on PS4, has seen more games released than ever to this point. Albeit they are not all "AAA", but when did that ever matter. There were PLENTY of launch titles in the past that weren't up to the standards of AAA titles. Plus, there are some really fun indies and F2P titles available.
In the end, I understand personal tastes. But, if you were expecting anything else except what we have at this point, then you were only fooling yourself...and there's a LOT of history to prove that!!!
BattleTorn  +   555d ago

I went ahead and bought BOTH consoles knowing that this would be the case.

I've played the whole Sly collection, Stick of Truth, the entire Uncharted series, platinum'd 2011's RAGE!!! Now playing Crysis 3, and waiting for FarCry3 on PS+ later this month. All since nextgen launch.

So I do get where this OP is coming from, in saying that there is extremely little to play.

Keep in mind I did play ACIV, Knack, Killzone, BF4, COD:G, Tomb Raider, I:SS, MGS:GZ, Watch_Dogs, and barely touched Wolfenstein and NFS yet.
Also dabbled with Dead Rising 3, beat Ryse, Peggle2, PvZ:GW, Titanfall, BF4, COD:G, ACIV on X1.
#15.2 (Edited 555d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
breakpad  +   555d ago
you should have bought a Xbone ,if you are buying consoles for paperweight, is heavier and more useless
#16 (Edited 555d ago ) | Agree(11) | Disagree(9) | Report | Reply
Gore-Content   555d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(1)
Pro_TactX  +   555d ago
That is a shame, because I have had a great time playing mine.
Khronikos  +   555d ago
Then you fucked up buying that console bud. Oh well. I have too many games to play.
RantandRave  +   555d ago

"The author is frustrated with another day-one new console purchase, and regrets not waiting for at least a year."

Every single console launch has had a drought initially so why would you think next gen would be different?

I think the saying patience is a virtue applies to next gen as it did to its predecessors.

Maybe next time wait to buy it and then you can write an article on why you're frustrated because you waited too long and missed out on all the excitement.
Douchebag696  +   555d ago
Well said. I could complain about the same thing but I don't like to download games from the Playstation store so the fault is my own. I've had a blast with BF4 as well as KillZone Shadowfall. I'm enjoying TLOU and I am awaiting Destiny. There are plenty of things to keep my interest.
icheerbothconsoles  +   555d ago
I'm with the article author on this one. Both my new systems are basically movie players and I play the odd game but I always get caught up in day one hype but I doubt that'll ever change. I know in the not too distant future I'll look back and laugh at all the crappy launch titles and enjoy the shit out of The Order, Uncharted 4, Halo 5, Bioshock 4, add infinitum. Patience I have buckets of so waiting is my virtue. In saying all this I still enjoyed moments of Dead Rising 3, Infamous 3, Ryse so it wasn't all bad.
Baka-akaB  +   555d ago
i feel it's ridiculous , there have been plenty games on both .
The so called draught only exist if people solely expect exclusives retail games , or arbitrarily decid , wich is their right , that they are not interested by the proposed exclusives or 3rd party titles .

Wich is not the same thing at all , as claiming "there is nothing to play" .

And again it begs the question ... WTF are people doing already with a console proposing nothing that grabs them ? If it's in the prospect of future unannounced or distant titles .... then they have very little business sounding off
BattleTorn  +   555d ago
I agree with the author. Although I would never go and write an article about it - I'm quite content in there not being all that many games.

I've played basically every single launch game, and in a few cases over again on the other system.

Even with playing everything nextgen, I'm playing way more on my PS3.

But that's because I buy and play everything close to release, and I also enjoy my PS3 still, so that's why I wouldn't complain like the author.

I knew this would be the case.
Kingdomcome247  +   555d ago
I hope that you know something I don't, and that Bioshock 4 is not a pipe dream. It won't be the same without Ken Levine penning the script. (I'm looking at you Bioshock 2) Maybe 2k will still use Ken, even with Irrational being essentially shut down.
headshotfrosty  +   555d ago
So has my X1. A few games here or there that kept my attention for a few days but...Can't believe I have to resort to BF4. Titanfall has been worn it's shine. Fun occasionally for 10 minutes. WE NEED MORE GAMES
#22 (Edited 555d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
Artista  +   555d ago
" That's what I get for being swept up in the PS4 hype of 2013."
Not everyone can deal with the aftermath of early adoption.

I'm glad I waited.
#23 (Edited 555d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
Baka-akaB  +   555d ago
To each their own , and pity the fools that just get swallowed by hype . i enjoyed the heck of my time with FF14 , even fifa , only bothered with AC4 and a few multi titles on ps4 ... Forza , a bit of Titan Fall , Infamous .

My plate was full and my stomach satisfied , exactly as i planned , with only a bit dissapointing missteps like Watchdogs (was decent but not as fun as i hoped) .

being immersed in FF14 and a few fighting games on ps3 , i dont even have time to bother getting the Last of Us remaster yet , and wont purchase anything on ps4/xb1 till the onslaught from the fall
iNFAMOUZ1  +   555d ago sad these consoles come out and no games for literally a whole year...
stripe814  +   555d ago
when you buy a console you do have to play it, so there is something wrong with you and why did you buy such thing...
contradictory  +   555d ago
i'd probably feel the same way.
the only difference is that i'm not gonna fall into hype and buy day 1

i'll much rather wait until games that interest me get released for the system, until then i have the old consoles and obviously my PC which i'll play multiplats on anyways
BG11579  +   555d ago
Can someone tell the author that he isn't using the PS4 the right way?
dmonee  +   555d ago
This is with all new consoles. To be quite frank, my ps3 is slowly but surely becoming the less played system. I think by november PS4 owners will be singing a different tune, with 3 sports titles to arrive, madden, nba2k and the long awaited next gen nhl, destiny, call of duty, assy creed etc.... wwe2k15, and a slew of other titles, ps4 and x1 owners will have alot on their plate. Maybe not the full next gen treatment were waiting for, thatll be in the spring of 2015, but it will do. For now im enjoying TlofU remastered until johnny madness releases in a few weeks to kick off the fall-winter gaming season. Lastly, summer is not a good time to complain about lack of games, considering its usually a slow time for game releases. I feel like this has been one of the best summers for game releases in a long time. It hasnt been filled with blockbusters but there have been a few welcome releases.
#28 (Edited 555d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
ceedubya9  +   555d ago
There are plenty of things to play on it now and in the coming months. I'd think this would be more of an issue for an owner of both consoles, as one may prefer playing on one system more than other.
bleedsoe9mm  +   555d ago
i own both and feel like i have 2 expensive paper weights right now , my family does use the xb1 everyday for netflix and tv , but no gaming since watchdogs(ps4) and fifa on ea access ,and the 10% discounts probably means EA games i probably would have played on ps4 are now going to be bought on xb1 . things will heat up when fall starts with the madden then destiny release .
#29.1 (Edited 555d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
mrpsychoticstalker  +   555d ago
There's absolutely nothing good to play at the moment. Since infamous second son. Sony keep pushing the indies. (nothing wrong with it) but I certainly prefer the big triple AAA experience.
Nodoze  +   555d ago
I am holding off a year or so from now to allow for a decent library. That said, if Red Dead 2 was released, I would buy TODAY!
system22  +   555d ago
you really aren't missing much yet. 2015 will be a good year.
BattleTorn  +   555d ago
I wish I shared your patience. The games will still be around - yet cheaper, and still new to your eyes.
Whitefeather  +   554d ago
If everyone shared his patience there would be no games next year.
peshkavusCA  +   554d ago
I'm pretty sure there will be enough remasters by that time ;)
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