Kevin Durant Gives First Glimpse of NBA 2K15 & Pre-Order Incentives

GoodGameBro writes, "Kevin Durant (@KDTrey5), NBA 2K15 Cover Athlete, posted the first glimpse of the game on Xbox One and PS4 on his personal Instagram. Here is that same video of NBA 2K15 from the NBA 2K YouTube channel.

In addition to the video, Kevin Durant posted details about an exclusive pre-order incentive for users on the PS4 and PS3."

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Future_20151508d ago

wtf 2k 2 months before release and we only get a 10 second gameplay cut from different angles

Kevin263851508d ago

Graphics looked the same (Not a bad thing). Only difference I noticed were the fans holding big faces of KD in the background.

Bonkerz1508d ago

Cant believe they are still using this VC crap.

theWB271508d ago

You should read up on it...they have a Myleague mode that lets you customize everything down to salary cap, frequency of blockbuster trades and length of schedule.

Customize draft classes, change how good draft classes are from year to year...and created players.

All without VC being needed. The only thing is you can still EARN VC in this mode....but it's not required for any aspect of it.

Saves are also local instead of online.

I can't complain about a thing with that.

badboyz091508d ago

Graphics are gonna be the same for a another year or 2. Same with last gen.

curtis921508d ago

Not that the graphics are bad by any means... But I was kind of expecting a little oomph. This looks like 2k14 verbatim, minus the big face signs in the crowd. The Peake is still way too dark compared to real life. Still trying a little too hard by putting in so much haze to fill the arena atmosphere.

Future_20151508d ago

what fans in OKC hold big heads of kevin durant in the front court seats in real life

curtis921508d ago

I've seen it maybe twice in real life of all the games I've been to.

IAM1508d ago

If the online is laggy I won't bother.

stripe8141508d ago

oh why does he look like Perkins...lolz he upscaled his face so bad on this

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