Project Cars Launch In November - All Cars Unlocked

Project Cars, this year’s most anticipated racing simulator game which generated over $6 Million dollars in donation is set to release in November for the PS4, Xbox One and PC, the Wii U version will be released in 2015. An interview done by HipHop gamer with Brian from Project Cars revealed that the game will have all 70 cars unlocked and will include 80 different tracks and street racing mode.

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nicksetzer11510d ago (Edited 1510d ago )

Definitely picking up this, forza horizon and the plus version of driveclub. Great year for racers.

iRobotGaming1510d ago (Edited 1510d ago )

I have the PS4 so I'm definately getting Drive Club but I'm also thinking about purchasing an Xbox One also just for Forza Horizon 2...I'm kinda disappointed with The Crew, it doesnt seem like a Next Gen game to me, Quite boring to tell you the truth.

nicksetzer11510d ago (Edited 1510d ago )

Yea, the crew went from a "must buy" to an "avoid that s#@$ like the plague" for me. Looked like it had so much potential, but turned out to flop. (At least IMO)

Dee_911510d ago

I kind of feel the same way.I was so disappointed by The Crew Beta. I was kind of let down by watchdogs,so my hopes are very low for the division. I guess Ubisoft thought they could slap pretty graphics over mediocre gameplay and call it fresh and new.
But I can't judge until the final game release... I've just been looking for a game to fill the Midnight Club Void for so long hopefully horizon 2 will.Horizon 1 was great but very repetitive.
I have been kind of let down so far with what I've seen from DriveClub too but that's because I let my own imagination run wild when the game was announced.Its panning out to be a great game.

Salooh1509d ago

People almost kicked me because i said the crew looks awful . The only good things about it is the huge map and customization. That's not enough to make me buy an arcade racing game. The gameplay looked so slow and people disagreed with me -.-

I'm still hoping i'm wrong though..

patrik231510d ago

Project CARS Near 1080p/60FPS on PS4, Resolution on Xbox One Still Unconfirmed

another sub 1080p game on xbox one?

SilentNegotiator1510d ago

Save it for the inevitable comparison articles; this isn't the place.

MSBAUSTX1510d ago

I am impressed they are releasing this for Wii U. I am a relatively idealistic person and might actually buy this game on the Wii U to support these guys trying to give Nintendo third party support. This game will be fun no matter what console you get it for but I am willing to pkay it on my Wii U instead of other console in order to keep the support going. We will see.

M3TR01DFANBOY1510d ago

this game was originally intended for wii u and pc, then the developer went nuts and decided to make a ps4 and xbone version while delaying the wii u version.

MSBAUSTX1510d ago

I didnt know that. Well Then i am upset that they have delayed one of the orriginal platfrom versions of the game then. I will still buy it Wii U instead of my XB1 so I can show some support for third parties for the Wii U. I am a fanboy and want Nintendo to do well. I really have m o allegiance to any one console I just dont want Nintendo to do bad. i want everyone to win in the end :-)

ps4fanboy1510d ago

I'm buying a thrust master t500 rs for driveclub , this and eventually will see me well for the next turismo... Hope I don't die in a car crash before then!

Great time to be a console gamer.

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