Upcoming Battlefield 4 Title Update Detailed, Coming September

DICE has detailed the upcoming title update for Battlefield 4 launching in September.

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Battlefieldlover1110d ago

I'd really appriciate a better update schedule. For CTE improvements foremost. It's been months now that i've seen medic revive "count downs" and better character models not going full seizure when shot.

Come on already i was intiated on the 4th floor, i deserve better then this.


famoussasjohn1110d ago

I'd give them time so they don't break more things since the CTE client is a brand new game essentially. Bringing the new code from CTE to the current product needs some work to make sure it works.

thorstein1110d ago (Edited 1110d ago )

"Give them some time." Wasn't two years of development enough?

So, basically, the final game is launching this September, and, sorry to anyone that prebought the Beta-disc version, you get the full version the same month that Destiny launches.

famoussasjohn1107d ago

thorstein - I would have assumed 2 years would have been enough as well, however, it apparently wasn't. That still doesn't change the fact that they are going to need some time to apply the latest patch to the current code to make it run better and bring additional features. DICE LA is actually trying, the same can't be said about actual DICE that actually developed the game.

camel_toad1110d ago

I bought it back when it launched and Ive only played it online once. Ive been waiting for it to become stable but everytime Ive heard its been fixed they break it again. I hope this will truly fix it.

LAWSON721110d ago

How about we fix how every time I leave a lobby my classes get reset to an earlier set? That would be great DICE

Douchebag6961110d ago

Anyone else feel as if they dropped the ball with this game? I've sunk a lot of hours into and found it a blast but those days when it didn't seem to run well sure took away from the experience.

dazzrazz1110d ago

I couldn't tell sold this piece of shit back in February when it was still in alpha stage :>

thorstein1110d ago

I know. $60 for a Beta version of the game doesn't seem right. Now that it has been thoroughly tested though you get it this September!

By then it is all Destiny.

Corpser1110d ago

PC gamers can play this game for free for one week

sovietsoldier1110d ago

yes but only if battle log hold up.

Specter2291110d ago

So .... anyone else disliking the mystical red dot never moving easy kill sights? If I wanted that I'd play COD.

boing11110d ago

That's how those sights work in real world.

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