Pain GetsTrophies, Custom Soundtracks

According to the official Pain website we're all set to get a bumper patch this month, which will include more trophies, custom MP3 playback and a host of new modes.

The new game types include Block Party which sees the launcher on the other side of Downtown and Demolition which has the launcher in the centre. There's a new difficulty called Platinum Club and a new character called Nigel.

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chasuk083812d ago

So this means 2.4 should be out this month yeh ? Unless they realese the patch before the update, which seems a bit stupid.

Wise Rant Monkey3812d ago

<The sweet smell of 2.40 is in the air!)

DJ3812d ago

Custom soundtrack support, which is great. Sony must be reducing the memory footprint of their OS quite a bit.

GodsHand3811d ago

Something a lot of games seem to be missing. High Stakes Poker on the PSN needs it. Also GTA IV is missing the custom soundtrack option which always an option on the PC. Not sure if the xbox version has it.

VaeVictus3811d ago

has trophies already built into the game, so I wouldn't read too much into extra trophies = 2.40.

PoSTedUP3811d ago

helllllllll yeahhhhhhhhhhh

pain is one of the funnest games i have played in ages!

pure madness boi!

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The story is too old to be commented.