SCEA confirms E3 press conference details

VG247: SCEA just confirmed that its E3 press conference will take place on Tuesday, July 15 at 11:30am.

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Sev3836d ago


Thats the same time as my appointment with SOE.

I got some rescheduling to do...

Ri0tSquad3836d ago

We could get the In-Game XMB update between June 18th-July 15th.

CrashSharc3836d ago

Sev be careful...

... it might be a trap... know way too much....

Lifendz3836d ago

so many titles that are still in development that I can't wait to see what Sony shows off.

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KingKirchner3836d ago

seconded. I think FFXIII is very likely to be there, hopefully White Knight Chronicles and something new too.

also, Naughty Dog has been quiet since they launched Uncharted. Jak 4 at E3 PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!

Also it would be nice to have a debut trailer of God of War 3 and Team ICO's project.

lonestarmt3836d ago

tell me about it!! I hope release dates for white knight story and last remnet, gameplay of FF13, uncharted 2 or jak 4, heavenly sword 2 (I know long shot,)star ocean 4 coming to ps3, and please more NEW JRPGs. The only thing complaints have for ps3 right now is the lack of those. Please don't let me down!!!

rucky3836d ago

Final Fantasy 6 and 7 remakes confirmed!!!.... by me =)
Chrono series remakes confirmed!!!............ by me =)
Shadow of the Colossus remake confirmed!!! me =)
Twisted Metal for PS3 with GT graphics!

Sony buys all future Final Fantasy games from SE
Sony buys Gamespot, 1UP , Eurogamer, GT and fires all employees

So many possibilities but it also may be disappointing. So let's just wait shall we

Panthers3836d ago

You dont now how bad I want a Twisted Metal game.

And FF 7 remake

And since I never played 6, I wouldnt mind a remake of that.

KillaManiac3836d ago

Well ^^^^ we already know they ARE making a PS3 Twisted Metal you don't need to worry about that amazing game.

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SmokingMonkey3836d ago

the day the earth stood still

BigKev453836d ago

I'll be there.... Sike!

Peow3836d ago

Are you like, 8 years old?

cr33ping_death3836d ago

wow you really just typed that?

Admiratio3836d ago

In the words of Ricky Bobby "That just happened."

Leaderof Espada3836d ago

even moreso than with killzone 2. i know there will be a debut of Twisted Metal PS3 there, and other games, graphics ingame as we know it will be no more.