Tracking Assassin’s Creed’s box art through the years

GotGame writes: I thought it would be fun to track the evolution of the Assassin’s Creed box art to see how far we and our white-cloaked heroes have come. Which one is your favorite?

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LAWSON721324d ago

ACUnity should of had an assassination scheme where 3 players are doing one of the famous AC mechanics and one about to kill the target. Instead it is unoriginal and boring

tylercolp1324d ago

Yes, that would have been rad.

Lenns1324d ago (Edited 1324d ago )

Does Rogue look more interesting than Unity or is it just me?

scark921324d ago

I do like the features such as Co-Op or sidequests in AC Unity but Rogue has a more appealing story imo

Metallox1324d ago

Just because of the ships.

Knightshade1324d ago

The art in this game, including the box art, is simply fantastic. I HIGHLY recommend the art books from Titan.