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The Titan One Proves That Microsoft and Sony are Greedy. Surprised?

GeekParty writes: "Two weeks ago, the good people at ConsoleTuner were kind enough to send over their latest piece of hardware: the Titan One. The device allows players to mix and match their favorite control pads and consoles, regardless of brand." (PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

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TheNewSquid  +   333d ago
I wonder how well this thing actually works. The article makes it sound super smooth.
gamer_xaf  +   333d ago
it is that smooth. i own one. I use it so I can use my ps3 arcade stick on the xbox one for killer instinct. No lag and no problems.
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ShinMaster  +   333d ago
How does this prove that their greedy? It's business.

Did you honestly expect Microsoft or Sony to go out of their way to make their controllers compatible with their competitor's platform.
Flamebait title.
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guitarded77  +   333d ago
Yeah... total flame title. I'm pissed at myself for giving them a hit.
Sheikh Yerbouti  +   333d ago

LOL. I knew it to be flamebait when I clicked...I just wanted to know what Titan One was.
DualWielding  +   332d ago
@ShinMaster the aritcle is confusing it starts talking about cross-platform but in the end its about being able to use 360 controllers in Xbone and DS3s in PS4.... which I agree they should allow
Rainbowcookie  +   332d ago
@duel You one of you guys can relax after reading your comments I didn't click so I saved a click for one of you :) Makes it even
ramiuk1  +   333d ago
surely xbone pad cant work on ps4?
TheNewSquid  +   333d ago
From what I've read, and doing some research on my own, it sounds like that's what this thing does, actually.
Rob_Ko  +   333d ago
there's no touchpad though
TheNewSquid  +   333d ago
How many games actually use the touch pad? And how many of those games are multi platform and provide a controller alternative already?
WalterWJR  +   333d ago
You could not play many games without the touchpad seeing as it is essentially a mix between the start and select button. The last of us, infamous and killzone come to mind.
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Scatpants  +   333d ago
Xbone pad is not compatible with PS4 but PS4 pad is compatible with xbone. I was so close to buying this, but then I saw you need an extra $15 bluetooth dongle to use the PS4 controller wirelessly making the thing $75. too bad. If bluetooth was included I would have bought it. I like the PS4 controller more than the X1.
Ripsta7th  +   332d ago
Ahhh damn always wanted to use the x1 controller on my ps4, guess is still not possible
SilentNegotiator  +   333d ago
Yes! Now I can use all of those other controllers with trackpad buttons and...Oh right.

A cross system controller converter doesn't prove that anyone is greedy.
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700p  +   333d ago
I dont like when people call business greedy..like arent they supposed to make money? They do it for the money.
Prime157  +   333d ago
Yeah, but it's just a rational conclusion of a frustrated consumer (especially with proprietary electronics).

I can't blame the company, but it's not fair to blame the consumer for calling the company greedy either.

Personally, I think using industry standards is more consumer friendly than proprietary... So, yes, it's an extension, perhaps it's a measure, of greed.
aerisbueller  +   332d ago
I think in this case, this doesn't prove greed.
Usually when I use the term greedy describing a company, it's when they sacrifice the quality of their product, or the experience of the customer, or something like that.

There are companies like Amazon, Netflix, and Valve, who while they are trying to make money (and may occasionally do shady stuff), overall as a customer you just enjoy the service or the product without constantly reminded that they are a company out for your money. Instead they focus on retaining customers, attracting new ones, and streamlining the service to make it the best choice, rather than making money by shafting their loyal customers.
warczar  +   333d ago
Your right, there's plenty of other facts to prove both companies are greedy as hell.
HaydenJameSmith  +   333d ago
Does it work PC too ? cause if so I can connect my X1 or PS4 controller to PC wirelessly then there is already a market for that. Just seems like a bonus that we can cross controller with different consoles...
HaydenJameSmith  +   333d ago

Yeah it works with PC, you can basically use any controller with whatever platform. Even Wii controller with PS4 or X1...

So not really a rip off cause MS sold Wireless recievers last gen for PC but they couldn't cross play with other consoles so this seems pretty good to me...

I'll be picking one up, I love the X1 controller so I can use it on my PC or 360 maybe PS4 but PS4 controller is fine the way it is... so probably won't.
jwm2  +   333d ago
Yes it does. You can use all your console controllers on your PC! You can even use the PS3 and PS4 controllers wirelessly with any Bluetooth 4.0 adapter. The only controller you can't use wirelessly is the Xbox One, but that is being worked on. Its very easy to setup and use and you get access to all these cool features in a matter of minutes. Setup is a breeze.
Prime157  +   333d ago
I'd buy if it made mouse to console capabilities.
HaydenJameSmith  +   332d ago
pretty sure it does...
Zichu  +   333d ago
Doesn't the CronusMax do the same thing?
jwm2  +   333d ago
The CronusMAX was created by the same person who made the Titan One. His name is Jefferson Koppe and he redesigned the Titan One for use on the next gen consoles. He also revamped the firmware to run better, faster (no lag) and consume less power thereby fixing the disconnection issues the CronusMAX had. The Titan One does many things the CronusMAX is not capable of and new features come out weekly for the Titan One and not for the old CronusMAX. Such as wireless PS4 controller authentication and support, MaxAim DI plugin that allows you to use any PC controller on your console and new GamePacks with tons of new features. In other words the CronusMAX was the past and the Titan One is the future. Lots of new killer features are set to come out in the coming days and weeks for the Titan One.
Dlacy13g  +   333d ago
"Proves That Microsoft and Sony are Greedy"... NO kind author it proves they are a business that is looking to make a profit.
Visiblemarc  +   333d ago

I fully expect to see an article on here one day saying "Lazy Sony and Microsoft Refuse to Clean My Bathroom."
jwm2  +   333d ago
This device basically allows you full control over your controllers. Novel idea eh? You finally have the ability to use controllers on other consoles or even use your PC controllers on your game console. You can even use it on your PC, so it really is the jack-of-all-trades when it comes to controller accessories. Not to mention keyboard and mouse support for your consoles, which IMO is a killer feature that I use regularly myself.
Cryptcuzz  +   333d ago
Does that mean theoretically you can use mouse and keyboard to play call of duty? If that's the case, then that is cheating lol. Mouse allows faster precision compares to analog sticks on traditional console controllers.
Muzikguy  +   333d ago
"Proves That Microsoft and Sony are Greedy" wait, what?! Is the Titan One free? I must be missing something.

All companies trying to make money so they can feed their families must be greedy according to this guy. He must work for free, eat free, get free phone service, free transportation, free clothing...
DanielGearSolid  +   333d ago
Can't port the touchpad tho
J2Kbr  +   333d ago
Actually the Touchpad works with Titan One. You can use the Touchpad information to program scripts to start combos and macros, for example.
DanielGearSolid  +   333d ago
I worded that incorrectly

I meant other controllers don't have it
BVFTW  +   332d ago
Objection! Ouya's controller has one, history is fun! XD
ginganinja  +   333d ago
'greedy' - def. having an excessive desire or appetite.

Looking at the recent layoffs, studio closures and earnings reports, I'd suggest the companies are more interested in just getting by.

And while we're on the subject. If a person or company wants money from you to pay for something they've produced, it doesn't make them evil, greedy, corrupt, etc.
If they're asking more than you think it's worth, then spend your hard earned money elsewhere.
If they're charging more than you can afford for something you want, then tough. Save up or go without.
Scatpants  +   333d ago
Perhaps you didn't read the article. He says the X1 is basically running a specialized version of Windows 8 which supports the whole line of Microsoft Controllers, meaning there is no reason they couldn't have provided backwards compatibility other than to make you buy more X1 controllers. Sounds kind of greedy to me.
Spotie  +   333d ago
Sounds like typical console stuff to me. New consoles aren't usually backwards compatible with peripherals.
Immorals  +   333d ago
Looks like I'll be picking one of these up when I get my ps4
StockpileTom  +   333d ago
It is just a two-way xinput to directinput translator... this isn't a matter of greed but rather two different input standards. (and in the case of systems that lock controllers it probably spoofs the hardware IDs-- I don't know if PS4 or XB1 actually locks out controllers... I know the PS3 didn't. Does the PS4 have a bluetooth accessories option menu? If so has anyone tried putting other xinput controllers in search mode and syncing them?)
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Harpers_Ferry  +   333d ago
Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. Whoa. Hold on.

You're telling me that when I buy a new console, it's going to feature a new and improved controller? Those greedy bastards, how dare they create new accessories to accentuate new hardware. This is highway robbery. I'm going to go protest in the streets, who's with me?
FayZ_  +   333d ago
n4g told me sony are angels though..
Bebedora  +   333d ago
So what you just told must be the truth? :)
wynams  +   333d ago
yet you still can't build a PC as powerful as the PS4 for under $399


funkybudda  +   333d ago
lol, PC Mustard Race are so ignorant and constantly live in denial...
wynams  +   332d ago
To the 8 disagrees ... link PC build w benchmarks as good for under $400 ... I will be waiting
ramiuk1  +   333d ago
well it dont help me out,bro inlaw wants to use xbone pad on ps4.

and no matter what shouldnt have to pay more for extra stuff.
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ThatOneGuyThere  +   333d ago
this headline is misleading and pointless.
hiawa23  +   333d ago
They exist to make money. What more needs to be said..
Twiggy  +   333d ago
Of course companies are greedy, they require a large amount of money to remain a company.

Seriously man, how do these kids think the world works?
Nemix  +   333d ago
Can multiple wireless controllers be connected to the Titan One, specifically two DS3 controllers via Bluetooth to the Xbox 360 and PC?
TRGMatt  +   333d ago
Erm...not greedy...aware of copyright laws, though.
spoonard  +   333d ago
Sorry man, i'll save myself $60 and just plug my XB1 controller into my PC via USB cable...
Mithan  +   333d ago
Awesome! I'll order one.
Caffo01  +   333d ago
"But this generation’s control pad upgrades are so minor that backwards compatibility would have been easy"

actually this gen has seen major upgrades to the ps controller, more than the previous ones..
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DualWielding  +   332d ago
hmm no L3 and R3 and Sixxassis where bigger upgrades than touchpad, even if Sixassis turned out to be ueseless
Caffo01  +   332d ago
maybe you're right, anyway there are some features that couldn't work with the previous controller.
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jhhood  +   332d ago
I fail to see how you can disregard the 2 feature upgrades from Sony's DS4 controller. I can understand sound because its not really input but output. However the argument saying that the keys could get remapped for the touchpad? How can you simply just remap gestures? Click sure, but the actual use of the touchpad would be hard. What about the share button? The ps3 controller is hard to play with for long periods of time anyways. The 360 to xbone i can understand but I dont see how anything could be as easy to use and convenient to use on a ps4 other than the DS4 controller.
PickAShoe  +   332d ago
Does Titan have a family to feed?
xBOSSxLegacy  +   332d ago
Is plug and play? No software installs?
welly300  +   332d ago
Yeah its business lets make our loyal customers fork out more cash not as if they have to pay play online or that digital copies of games are a ripoff in the uk.
Soldierone  +   332d ago
I'm sorry, but the whole "entitled" thing is kicking back up again. Someone was all mad and telling me how Sony sucks the other day. Why? Because their PS3 accessories didn't work on PS4....YET. I'm sorry, perhaps you should be thankful it will work at all? You got a NEW console, why do you even expect the OLD stuff to work with it? They said the same thing "sony is so greedy making me buy new stuff," you bought a 400 dollar new console and can't afford to buy something to hold you off until the update? Come on now.

Plus they made it so the DS4 worked on the PS3. That alone is pretty awesome.
RosweeSon  +   332d ago
Call me crazy but I like getting a new controller with a new console, sure if it's not broke don't fix it dual shock 1-3 but look at nintendo don't think they've EVER stuck with the same controller except wii remotes being useable on wii u but it's called progression the SNES pads were fantastic but do I want them as my main choice of gaming controller, no! change is good embrace it.
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