The Titan One Proves That Microsoft and Sony are Greedy. Surprised?

GeekParty writes: "Two weeks ago, the good people at ConsoleTuner were kind enough to send over their latest piece of hardware: the Titan One. The device allows players to mix and match their favorite control pads and consoles, regardless of brand."

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TheNewSquid1381d ago

I wonder how well this thing actually works. The article makes it sound super smooth.

gamer_xaf1381d ago (Edited 1381d ago )

it is that smooth. i own one. I use it so I can use my ps3 arcade stick on the xbox one for killer instinct. No lag and no problems.

ShinMaster1381d ago (Edited 1381d ago )

How does this prove that their greedy? It's business.

Did you honestly expect Microsoft or Sony to go out of their way to make their controllers compatible with their competitor's platform.
Flamebait title.

guitarded771381d ago

Yeah... total flame title. I'm pissed at myself for giving them a hit.

Sheikh Yerbouti1381d ago


LOL. I knew it to be flamebait when I clicked...I just wanted to know what Titan One was.

DualWielding1381d ago

@ShinMaster the aritcle is confusing it starts talking about cross-platform but in the end its about being able to use 360 controllers in Xbone and DS3s in PS4.... which I agree they should allow

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Rainbowcookie1380d ago

@duel You one of you guys can relax after reading your comments I didn't click so I saved a click for one of you :) Makes it even

ramiuk11381d ago

surely xbone pad cant work on ps4?

TheNewSquid1381d ago

From what I've read, and doing some research on my own, it sounds like that's what this thing does, actually.

Rob_Ko1381d ago

there's no touchpad though

TheNewSquid1381d ago

How many games actually use the touch pad? And how many of those games are multi platform and provide a controller alternative already?

WalterWJR1381d ago (Edited 1381d ago )

You could not play many games without the touchpad seeing as it is essentially a mix between the start and select button. The last of us, infamous and killzone come to mind.

Scatpants1381d ago

Xbone pad is not compatible with PS4 but PS4 pad is compatible with xbone. I was so close to buying this, but then I saw you need an extra $15 bluetooth dongle to use the PS4 controller wirelessly making the thing $75. too bad. If bluetooth was included I would have bought it. I like the PS4 controller more than the X1.

Ripsta7th1380d ago

Ahhh damn always wanted to use the x1 controller on my ps4, guess is still not possible

SilentNegotiator1381d ago (Edited 1381d ago )

Yes! Now I can use all of those other controllers with trackpad buttons and...Oh right.

A cross system controller converter doesn't prove that anyone is greedy.

700p1381d ago

I dont like when people call business arent they supposed to make money? They do it for the money.

Prime1571381d ago

Yeah, but it's just a rational conclusion of a frustrated consumer (especially with proprietary electronics).

I can't blame the company, but it's not fair to blame the consumer for calling the company greedy either.

Personally, I think using industry standards is more consumer friendly than proprietary... So, yes, it's an extension, perhaps it's a measure, of greed.

aerisbueller1381d ago

I think in this case, this doesn't prove greed.
Usually when I use the term greedy describing a company, it's when they sacrifice the quality of their product, or the experience of the customer, or something like that.

There are companies like Amazon, Netflix, and Valve, who while they are trying to make money (and may occasionally do shady stuff), overall as a customer you just enjoy the service or the product without constantly reminded that they are a company out for your money. Instead they focus on retaining customers, attracting new ones, and streamlining the service to make it the best choice, rather than making money by shafting their loyal customers.

warczar1381d ago

Your right, there's plenty of other facts to prove both companies are greedy as hell.

HaydenJameSmith1381d ago

Does it work PC too ? cause if so I can connect my X1 or PS4 controller to PC wirelessly then there is already a market for that. Just seems like a bonus that we can cross controller with different consoles...

HaydenJameSmith1381d ago

Yeah it works with PC, you can basically use any controller with whatever platform. Even Wii controller with PS4 or X1...

So not really a rip off cause MS sold Wireless recievers last gen for PC but they couldn't cross play with other consoles so this seems pretty good to me...

I'll be picking one up, I love the X1 controller so I can use it on my PC or 360 maybe PS4 but PS4 controller is fine the way it is... so probably won't.

jwm21381d ago

Yes it does. You can use all your console controllers on your PC! You can even use the PS3 and PS4 controllers wirelessly with any Bluetooth 4.0 adapter. The only controller you can't use wirelessly is the Xbox One, but that is being worked on. Its very easy to setup and use and you get access to all these cool features in a matter of minutes. Setup is a breeze.

Prime1571381d ago

I'd buy if it made mouse to console capabilities.

Zichu1381d ago

Doesn't the CronusMax do the same thing?

jwm21381d ago

The CronusMAX was created by the same person who made the Titan One. His name is Jefferson Koppe and he redesigned the Titan One for use on the next gen consoles. He also revamped the firmware to run better, faster (no lag) and consume less power thereby fixing the disconnection issues the CronusMAX had. The Titan One does many things the CronusMAX is not capable of and new features come out weekly for the Titan One and not for the old CronusMAX. Such as wireless PS4 controller authentication and support, MaxAim DI plugin that allows you to use any PC controller on your console and new GamePacks with tons of new features. In other words the CronusMAX was the past and the Titan One is the future. Lots of new killer features are set to come out in the coming days and weeks for the Titan One.

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