Godus Launches on iOS Devices Today

GR: DeNA has announced that Godus, the god game created by Peter Molyneux and his development team at 22cans, is now available for iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch.

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dbjj120881445d ago

As interesting as this game sounds, I don't know if I'll find the time to play. I used to play a lot of iOS games but I'm totally unmotivated to game on my phone these days.

Wedge191445d ago

Seems intriguing! I'm always up for a Molyneux creation. Hoping he can bring back the great stuff he used to do.

knifefight1445d ago

All I know of is Fable, which always seems to not deliver. :/

Wedge191444d ago

Back before Fable, Moly was something special. Particularly with his game Black and White, which was insanely fun.