Soulcalibur IV: Where's My Underboob?


"When we got our preview version of Soulcalibur IV in the mail, we raced to load it up and savor the juicy morsels that we were certain awaited our hungry eyes. After being inundated with concept art like this, who could blame us for expecting a boobsplosion?"

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donator3752d ago

How desperate are they for nudity?

gamesR4fun3752d ago

lol well its kinda what this games about and looks like its gonna fail in a epic sort of way...
Why cant anyone give us a real next gen fighting game?

mabreu3752d ago

The only respectable next-gen fighter I can think of is VF5.

Shaka2K63752d ago

' ' ' '

That explains everything.

tplarkin73752d ago

I thought they were referring to the final build. It's just a demo. Phew!!!

okcomputer3752d ago

These idiots got a full playable demo of the game and did an entire two page preview consisting of just pictures and dumb comments about what one character was wearing? What a waste.

KidMakeshift3752d ago

SoulCalibur should be like the South Park episode "Major Boobage" where even the weapons and armor had t!ts

funktion_d3752d ago

Who cares... (and why am i commenting on it? lol)

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The story is too old to be commented.