[Continue Play] The Last of Us Remastered Review

Nic from Continue Play takes a look at the remastered version of The Last of Us. It's pretty, but not a game-changer.

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GarrusVakarian1381d ago

"It's pretty, but not a game-changer."

Disagree. The 60fps alone is a game changer, especially for the MP.

Nic_Bunce1381d ago

It's a welcome addition, but I still wouldn't recommend everyone rush out and buy it for that alone. If they own the PS3 version. There's no real addition to the campaign, short of commentary and the previous DLC... but the MP a lot more playable though - I'll give you that.

generic-user-name1381d ago

"If they own the PS3 version."

Was this score given with the thought the everyone reading already owns the PS3 version?

"There's no real addition to the campaign"

Why would there be? It's a remaster, not a remake or TLoU 1.5

showtimefolks1381d ago

i have the ps3 version and now i got it for ps4. I don't think its worth an upgrade. Now hear me out, its not a knock on the game or ND, but its actually giving credit to ND for the amazing version they put out on ps3

for anyone who hasn't played it, its a must buy, but for other i say wait a bit.

60FPS though helps
playing with DS4's triggers really feels nice

overall amazing job BY ND on both ps3/ps4 version

again before i get any disagrees, i am not knocking the game or ND. TLOU is my favorite game of last gen. Its just really not that big of a graphical difference. Like the ones we usually saw from going SD to HD last gen

but again 60FPS and playing with developer commentary is well worth the asking price, Bonus is all the dlc on the disk too

legionsoup1381d ago

There's a typo in the review that's driving me crazy. Didn't anyone copy-edit it?

It's this sentence (which doesn't make a lot of sense in general. What does being a cash-cow have to do with being in the public eye?)

"The Last of Us is not only is it Naughty Dog’s most successful game to date, but is very quickly becoming a cash cow which will hold The Last of Us in front of the public for years to come."

Also, what does the storyline of the game have to do with "we don't love the Last of Us?" as seen here:

"The Last of Us is a great game; we previously scored it 10/10 for its solid game play, gripping soundtrack and exceptional tackling of adult themes such as life in a post-apocalyptic world where the protagonist is devastated by survivor’s guilt, and must do horrific things to survive. This review, as a result, is not a straight up ‘We love The Last of Us, this game is perfect, rah rah rah’ rant."

As a result of what?

ContinuePlay1381d ago

As a result of the fact that all of those points were covered in the original review, and so there's no need to cover them in the review of the remaster, which looks primarily at the technical upgrades to the game.

And that typo must have slipped through the net. We'll change that now. Thanks for pointing it out :)

dodgemoose1381d ago

This site gave the original a 10/10 and then an improved version 8/10. Right.

ContinuePlay1381d ago

Firstly, if you look at the authors both reviews were written by different people.

Secondly, the score of 8 is based on its worth as a high-price remaster and upgrade to the original.

The text is also very clear - if you've never played the original, it's definitely worth a playthrough. If you're considering picking it up for a second time because of the enhanced graphics, they're simply not enough to make the purchase worthwhile, and there are still a number of inconsistencies with characters clipping through each other and scenery which take a lot of the polish off.

fluxmulder1381d ago

Finally, a reasonable review.

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