Just What is Sony Hinting at With These Teaser Trailers?

Sony has released a second teaser trailer hinting at a big announcement planned for next week's Gamescom conference in Cologne, Germany.Titled "It's Coming", it's slightly longer than the first teaser at 15 seconds, though once again seems to focus on cracking ice with flecks of blood visible. This time, however, an axe is present. The hashtag "#PlayStationGC" is featured at the end, inviting people to discuss the teaser and Sony's presence at Gamescom on social media sites.

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Thatguy-3101472d ago

Ummm I'm pretty sure it's Until Dawn. I'm curious to see if they will release this year or push it as a Morpheous Title for when it comes out.

BiggerBoss1471d ago

Yeah after looking up past trailers of it, I'm about 97.45% sure it's Until Dawn

killer4fun531472d ago

There is snow so i think its Until dawn or could it be gateaway 3?

colonel1791471d ago

Everyone is saying that it's Until Dawn, and it does look like it is. I wonder if it will still use the PS Move.

The_Devil_Hunter1471d ago

Or maybe with Project Morpheus?

jonboi241471d ago

They sure as hell are hyping up this game. If this is Until Dawn I wonder how much it changed from the PS3 version. Will it just be an up resed version with touched textures and slightly higher poly count characters? Will there still be a ps3 version? And will this be for Morpheous?

GdaTyler1471d ago

Without a doubt Until Dawn. At least they're advertising it.

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The story is too old to be commented.