How can game rental subscription services be done right?

Recently, gamers were treated to the launch of not one but two different digital game rental streaming services: Sony’s PlayStation Now, and Electronic Arts’ EA Access. While both services allow users to stream games, the ways in which they do so are actually quite different. EA Access offers instant access to select EA games, a store-wide discount on all digital EA products, and early access to free trials for certain upcoming games all for a flat monthly or yearly fee. Meanwhile, PlayStation Now allows users to “rent” select digital PlayStation 3 games (PS1, PS2, and PS4 games are planned for the future) for various allotments of time and respective price-points. However, if either service wants to garner any sort of long-term appeal, some changes need to be made.

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ILLINOIS1441d ago

Charge $1.00 for 24 hour rental per game. Simple enough.

Gozer1441d ago (Edited 1441d ago )

That is a horrible price point. $30 for 30 days with a game? Just buy the game if you are going to pay that much.

My God, the gaming media is spreading misinformation regarding EA Access. Let me clear up some of the mess this article has made.

1. EA Access is NOT a streaming service. You download the games to your HDD.

2. ALL new EA titles are part of the Early Access feature.

3. All next-gen EA games will become part of the Vault at some point.

From the article-
"While EA Access is slightly more reasonable with its subscription-based model, it’s still a little lacking in the “value vs. cost” department."

"Slightly more reasonable"? 1 month is $5, or you can go ahead and get a 1 year sub for $30($2.50 a month). $5 on PS Now gets you 4 hours with one game. The author needs to rethink his definitions of "slightly" and "reasonable". How much would BF4 on ps4 cost for a 1 month rental?

"still a little lacking in the “value vs. cost” department."

A $5, 1 month sub, gets you access to all the games in the Vault, early access to any games that release within your month, and a %10 discount on any game or DLC purchases you make in your month. Buy 1 new game during that month, and the discount will have paid for your $5 sub, as well as let you play any games in the Vault for a month.

Its pretty clear the author doesn't own an X1, and didn't even bother to read up on the details of EA Access, or hes purposefully spreading misinformation. Which is possible, I guess, because he tries throughout his write up to downplay the EA Access program.

ILLINOIS1440d ago

Why is it so hard to understand that game companies need to make money? If you rent a game and like it you should buy it. A dollar a day is a great deal to try a game. I wish you would make a game and try to make money on it only to have fans cry they want it for pennies on the dollar.

RantandRave1441d ago


Hope this helps(see below).


"While EA Access is slightly more reasonable with its subscription-based model, it’s still a little lacking in the “value vs. cost” department"

"if Sony continues to try and gouge PlayStation Now users with ridiculous rental prices"

Sony Email:

These prices are ultimately decided on by the participating developers and publishers. Your feedback during this next phase of the Private Beta is extremely important, as we will be monitoring it closely.

Please give us your feedback in these Private Beta Forums or email us at [email protected] om and help shape the future of PlayStation Now

PlayStation Website

In addition, we’ve heard you loud and clear for an update on a PS Now subscription option and want to reassure you that we are working on it. We think PS Now represents the next step toward the future of gaming and we’re excited to have the PlayStation Nation come along with us on the beginning of this journey.

donthate1441d ago

Sony has a say on what games are allowed on the service and what price. Sony allowing price gouging like that on their platform is Sony's fault.

Sony can dictate prices if they want to or find mutual benefits in other ways, but instead they are just passing the blame.

The publishers don't care about PS Now success, they just want to make a quick buck. They would rather sell you a shiny new game or a remake for $50-60 than rent you a game for $5!

iamnsuperman1441d ago (Edited 1441d ago )

It is their fault for allowing it but what choice do they have? The problem is publishers hate the resale market. PS Now isn't really solving their hatred. It is just doing the same thing but in a different form (Sony retains most of the profits). Giving them control means support. It is just going to be that way until they believe they can make a lot of money out of it. It is sad since this could be very lucrative

donthate1440d ago


Mutual benefit. Have you heard of that?

For instance, when EA Access was offered for a low cost of $30, it benefits the platform holder by making it more attractive, while EA gets to fight used game market and get direct profit. Consumers get a cheap alternative OR we go to GameStop!

Sony can do the same thing, try to find mutual benefit with PS+ and imposing lower cost. At it's current pricing, it is a doomed service right out of the gate. At least on OnLive I could buy my game and play as much as I wanted on relative high end PCs.

*It is just doing the same thing but in a different form (Sony retains most of the profits).*

SO publishers set the price, but Sony retains most of the profit! So really, Sony is setting the pricing, because publishers have to get a certain amount for it to be worth it to them or risk devaluing their content.

*Giving them control means support.*

Giving control does not mean support, nor do consumers see it that way.

* It is just going to be that way until they believe they can make a lot of money out of it. It is sad since this could be very lucrative *

Or until Sony willing to take a smaller piece of the pie, or sweeten publishers pie in some other way.

*The problem is publishers hate the resale market.*

If anything then, publishers should love PS Now, because it is an easier access and at least nets the pennies on the dollar as opposed to GameStop not sharing anything!

Pro_TactX1441d ago

I would definitely get on board with a subscription option, but I won't bother with the individual rental fees.

fattyuk1441d ago


I don't think they can be done right, there's too much money invested these days, or then again ps plus has pretty much nailed it for content/price.

Lucreto1441d ago

It will never please everyone. Peoples perceptions and values are all different. What is a fair price for one person is extortion for another.

Like the first poster above says $1 for a day. I say that is not feasible for Sony but good for 4 hours instead that might get the person interested in the game and buy a longer rental.

Sony has to contend with retail as well. Prices fall fast on most games and it will be hard for Sony to compete with them. Within weeks what was a fair rental price is now too expensive and be cheaper to buy in retail.

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