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Second PlayStation Gamescom Teaser Released

VRFocus - Sony Computer Entertainment (SCE) is currently gearing up for its Gamescom press conference on 12th August 2014, where it is planning to reveal new videogames and provide updates on its current slate of projects for the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita. Earlier in the week the company teased fans with an image of a snow flake and blood, accompanied with a short video. It was though that this could suggest the return of long lost PlayStation 3 exclusive Until Dawn.

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Abash723d ago

I cant wait to see Until Dawn, these teasers are getting me hyped

JP1369723d ago

It must be looking pretty good if they're hyping it like this now.

Chaoticmoon723d ago

I just really hope it is worth the hype and doesn't end up being a sub-par horror game, but with these teasers I feel like Sony is seeing something special within Until Dawn

listenkids723d ago

I hope it's been worked on heavily since the initial preview. Judging from the teasers, they're looking to reveal it as something much bigger.

Enemy723d ago

Was this one for Until Dawn too?

Ausbo723d ago

They seem like the same game. Big reveal incoming

SINISTERGENESIS723d ago (Edited 723d ago )

Does anyone have confirmation or is it strong rumor of what it is

Grave723d ago

Will the conference be live-streamed??

Infamous298723d ago (Edited 723d ago )

ofcourse it will be live-streamed , what kinda question is that?? edit: sorry if it did sound rude and @below i am sorry.

DoomeDx723d ago

A normal question. Some conferences dont have a live-stream.

Grave723d ago

Well I didn't know if it was for like industry insiders or something. I'm not to familiar with gamescom, sorry.

Lawboy2723d ago

Wondering the same thing...I know xbox one will stream there's on the consoles but I'm looking for somewhere to watch playstations other than twitch because I want to watch it on my consoles on my tv

KingDustero723d ago

You can use your console's Web browser.

KingDustero723d ago

You can I your console's Web browser.

True_Samurai723d ago

Probably until dawn but it could be bloodborne in a snow area

Destrania723d ago

From these teasers it's definitely Until Dawn.

Master-H723d ago

Nope to Bloodborne, i'm not detecting a Miyazaki vibe, plus we already know about that so what would be the point of teasing it ?

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The story is too old to be commented.