The Division producer talks player choice, world availability, map and missions

Fredrik Rundqvist, who is an executive producer on Tom Clancy's The Division, spoke with about player choice and how the city will be open from the start.

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--bienio--1565d ago

Cool!! Im happy I can paly alone day one for me!!

medman1565d ago

Solo with occasional team ups will be my mode of operation. Lone wolf is the best wolf.

Codewow1565d ago

My most hyped new game right here. Still curious about the multiplayer side of it. Will it be more like WatchDogs where people can occasionally, repeatedly, or rarely 'invade' your game or will this be a matchmaking kind of deal? From the start, I assumed it was going to be some kind of persistent(ish) world that you and friends can play on as well as others and random encounters ensue.