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Destiny Beta Impressions; Better Than Halo? | PlayStationing

Ben @ PlayStationing writes: "Countless gamers around the world are eagerly awaiting the arrival of Destiny, the new incredibly ambitious title by Bungie of Halo fame. Not only is Destiny the first time Bungie are releasing a game on the PlayStation platform, it is the first time the company has been free to work on a new franchise since the release of Halo: Combat Evolved in 2001, and it is clear that they intend to make the most of this opportunity. Bungie is trying a lot of new things with Destiny, and though much of what they are implementing into their new game is similar to what we have seen in other genres, rarely if ever have we seen it done so well. I have had the pleasure of spending the majority of my time since the launch of the beta on the 17th exploring the world Bungie has built and getting to experience a small sample of what is in store for us when the game final releases this September." (Destiny, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

lalalala  +   358d ago
Really detailed preview, sounds like the beta was quite big.
andydalum  +   358d ago
Yes and no, it was a decent size for a beta not anything to crazy it more showed the potential than anything in my own opinion.

Finding enemys in places you couldn't even harm yet, the PvP was done decent i think, the exploring was fun, side missions got old fast.
stubee34  +   357d ago
700p  +   357d ago
iNFAMOUZ1  +   357d ago
i didn play it, the beta, nope, i want my first experience to be the full thing on the 9th
xer0  +   357d ago
I can't say if it's better than Halo, because we're waiting for the finished product.

But it's a LOT of fun.

I'm excited for the release :)
TheBoy  +   357d ago
PVP wise... Not even close, Bungie couldn't recreate the same magic in terms of competitive multiplayer.
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Strangelover  +   357d ago
It was Bungie who created Halo, not 343i. They can recreate whatever they want and make it better than Halo.
TheBoy  +   357d ago
I know, that's why I said, "RECREATE" and what they've made in Destiny in terms of PVP is nothing short of casual, generic and mediocre and it's no surprise, it's Reach Era Bungie, not old school Bungie.
Septic  +   357d ago
Yeah but it doesn't look like they have bettered Halo's PVP at all.
marlinfan10  +   357d ago
yeah i felt the same way. i hardly even played pvp during the beta and I'm normally a huge pvp player. halo MCC will fill that void
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gaffyh  +   357d ago
I think Strangelover's point is that they could if they wanted to. The game has a 10 year plan, so there could be plenty of updates.
TripC50  +   357d ago
I agree. All Destiny's PvP did was get me excited for the Master Chief Collection.. lol.
TheBoy  +   357d ago
Same here, after seeing Halo 2 Remastered, I have zero hype or desire to play Destiny PVP, new era Bungie have lost the magic.
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Budobear  +   357d ago
I'm excited for the Master Chief Collection to but I think its a bit early to say that the Destiny PvP has failed. We only saw one limited game type, no doubt there will be more on different maps etc.
I'm trying to think of my least favourite Multi-player halo map now and failing, but just imagine if you'd only seen one game play type on an ok map from halo before you played the whole game.....it may not have impressed either.

Just a thought
objdadon  +   357d ago
Yeah well I never liked halo but I absolutely loved the destiny beta!
aiBreeze  +   357d ago
I don't think it's really fair to compare it to Halo as it's quite different. From my time with the beta, I'd say I prefer Halo simply because there was far more going on around you with people and stuff as opposed to you, your ghost, enemies and a very barren world. Still, the mechanics are extremely well integrated and the different types of weapons and the viability of all of them definitely make Destiny stand out this year as the FPS title to get.
die_fiend  +   357d ago
Barren world? Were you connected to the internet? I was seeing people all over the place.
Orbertron  +   357d ago
"Not only is Destiny the first time Bungie are releasing a game on the PlayStation platform"

Well not true, Bungie did Oni with Rockstar on the PS2

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Funantic1  +   357d ago
The only thing that makes Destiny better than Halo is that it's on both Playstation and Xbox. Destiny isn't that impressive. The weak A.I. and graphics killed it for me. I sometimes think that these articles hyping up Destiny are part of that $500 million Activision proposed to use to develop and promote Destiny. They're hyping it all over the web. Then will come the prepaid fake review with perfect 10/10s. While knowing well that you're only playing cause there's nothing else to play.
Clown_Syndr0me  +   357d ago
Better than Halo? No.
Better than Borderlands? No.
Better than Mass Effect? No.

Destiny alpha & beta totally sucked.
Guerrilla  +   357d ago
As an avid halo fan i was also pretty disappointed, this is by no means halo :/ However I think there is a lot of fun to be had if you take it for what it is.
marlinfan10  +   357d ago
i wouldnt say it sucked but you're right about it not being better than those games
Clown_Syndr0me  +   357d ago
I'm always right.
objdadon  +   357d ago
Halo sucks, I liked borderlands but it ain't no destiny and mass effect gameshave aalways been boring as hell to me!
mx104  +   357d ago
Halo has a better story/campaign but Destiny has more content and bigger worlds to play in
Tedakin  +   357d ago
It's extremely Halo-ish. That's not a bad thing though. Not sure if it's better... I think the straight forward story structure of Halo is more pleasing compared to the MMO structure of Destiny where you go to the Tower, get a mission, go kill guys on planet, go back to Tower, get mission. Either way I found myself liking it more and more as time went by and I started getting cooler guns and abilities. Visually I thought it was pretty amazing too. GOTY? Could very well be considering how much has been delayed to 2015.
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MonChiChi  +   357d ago
I think it could, I won't jump the gun until actual release and can play the full game, but I can sure see the potential in it being better.

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