Which game is worthy of a Remaster just like The Last OF US and Halo Master chief collection?

"Recently The Last of Us: Remastered was unleashed on the PlayStation 4 and the result of this Remaster is not a secret, Another huge example is the upcoming Halo Master Cheif Collection by Microsoft, which combines four Halo games for the next-gen Xbox One. These are few listed games which are worth a 'Remaster' treatment in our opinion."

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Abash1438d ago

Lots of games are. If a publisher believes that their game from passed gens can sell well enough with being remastered, then by all means let them do it.

You dont have to buy it, but let the people who are interested and the fans of the game enjoy the enhanced version

BiggCMan1438d ago


But it'll never happen :'(

HappyWithOneBubble1438d ago

Never say never. We all thought trophies was never coming to MGS4 but they came.

Army_of_Darkness1438d ago (Edited 1438d ago )

No, MGS4 looks great as it is. There would be barely any graphical improvements.

I prefer:
-resistance 3 ([email protected] 60fps would definitely make this game really shine and look stunning along with other improvements)

-Dead space 1-2 (OMG! horror heaven!)

-god of war 3 (1080p/ 60fps).......... Yesssss

mcstorm1438d ago

For me I think having last of us, tomb raider and gta5 as re mastered are too early. Ide like to see some old classics like Mario 64, perfect dark, the 1st MoH, Jet Set radio, shenmue, parasite eve, mgs1 and 2 games that were on the ps2 gen and below. Having last gen remasters 12 months after coming out for me is just too early. But its each to there own and we all have our own thoughts on what we would like to see and play.

vork771438d ago

forget that Metal gear solid 3 please

XxExacutionerxX1438d ago

Uncharted 1 through 3

Gears of War Trilogy

Metal Gear Solid 4 should get a Xbox One release.

Left 4 Dead 2

Street Fighter 4 Ultra

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Magicite1438d ago

Any Final Fantasy before 13th.

gootimes1438d ago

God of War: Kratos collection

AceBlazer131438d ago

Kingdom Hearts Collection. Kingdom Hearts 1,2,CoM,358/2 Days, BBS and DDD all remastered for preparation towards Kingdom Hearts 3.

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user74029311438d ago

socom remastered collection

onimusha remastered collection

legacy of kain remastered collection

equal_youth1438d ago

all of them and include knights of the old republic 1+2

BlackTar1871438d ago

Socom is getting a remaster in H-Hour :)

Can't wait

averagejoe261438d ago

Onimusha yessss... Or a new title in the series!


This guy here has the right idea... Throw in any MGS game, God of War game, Fear Effect, Silent Hill 1-2 only, Gears 1-3, Amored Core reboot, Mech Warrior reboot, Vector Man remake/ remaster, ( for the love of gaming , even though it'd get banned, Manhunt reboot... I can keep going, wether it's a slight remake or a complete reboot lol. Thanks for the slight nostalgia


@ disagree... You really are dumb ;)

diehardmetallicafan1438d ago

i agree with a manhunt reboot.

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Insomnia_841438d ago (Edited 1438d ago )

UNCHARTED! Millons of PS4 owners out there that never played one of the best franchises last gen and winner of multiple GOTYS and other awards!

Remastering Uncharted is a no-brainer for Sony at this point.

fonger081438d ago

I think any game that pushed it's respected console towards it's technical limits towards the end of it gen could be remastered. I think Far Cry 3 could be on that list, as well as Skyrim. Any game that probably had a PC counterpart that should the noticable improvements in resolution and frame rate could be redone. That being said, I'm not a huge remaster guy, now remakes... I have quite a few that I'd definitely be interested in purchasing.