State of the Game: What does 10/10 really mean?

G3AR: "Truth be told, when it comes to gaming reviews, albeit somewhat reluctantly, I’ve never actually believed in perfect scores. With that said, I’ve always firmly believed that games are weighed against their subjective rather than objective strengths and weaknesses – I’m not even sure that assessing a game objectively and entirely detached from personal bias is even possible. Given that a game’s overall score must then be subject to an individual’s expectations as well as likes and dislikes, it’s certainly within reason to give a game a perfect score. Perhaps I’m too stringent when, really, I shouldn’t be? And it’s because a game (The Last of Us Remastered) recently got a perfect score on G3AR, that I posed this question to some of our writers for State of the Game this week:

Does a game need to be perfect to score 10/10? And what does 10/10 really mean?”

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