Geomerics Founder On Xbox One eSRAM: I’d Be Wary of Rushing to Snap Judgments About The New Hardware

Unless you are living under the rock, the Xbox One's eSRAM has been subject to much debate and controversy regarding it's inability to render 1080p resolution.

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MCTJim1227d ago

in other words..I dont know.

Dudebro901227d ago

If you got that from that statement, you are either illiterate or a jerk.

LordMaim1227d ago

To be fair, Doran didn't give any information, opting for marketing buzzwords instead.

To sum up what he said, "we'll have to wait and see."

dantesparda1227d ago (Edited 1227d ago )

So you didnt read the article you just read the headline. He literally says nothing other than PR speak.

gman_moose1227d ago

To me it sounded like his comment was from before the launch of these consoles. Either that, or he's a moron.

He says:
"You cannot really say anything until the first games are out and consumers have got their hands on both devices"

Ummm... gamers DO have the first games, and have got their hands on both devices. What the hell is the guy smoking?

ABizzel11227d ago

I personally don't understand what MS was thinking of with the XBO. I get unified RAM being convenient for development, but this is one case where they should have went with separate pools of memory.

4GB DDR3 (console RAM) + 4GB GDDR5 (Game RAM) would have been the wiser choice, because Day 1 they would have had a easy to understand set-up, and performance would be nearly as much of an issue. They could have still used the eSRAM if they wanted to, but honestly it would have been better to add more shading units to the APU, to push the console closer to the PS4 in performance.

They went with a theoretical solution that won't show it's best results until late in the generation when the winner has already been decided, when they could have had a near comparable console Day 1, and possibly have price advantage on their side by $50, which was needed all last gen to keep the 360 neck and neck with the PS3 (as well as winning NA).

redwin1227d ago

Interesting you say that. The PS4 was not gonna have the GDDR5 until the last day, the Xbox was twice as powerful as the ps4 was gonna be. Sony reluctantly changed it the last minute. That article was placed here in N4G about 3 months ago. When I read that, lol, the first thing in my head was, corporate espionage . Lol, but of course that's just me playing around. But I know that Sony would like to get to MS for what they did to blue ray.

ABizzel11227d ago


Could you please link me this article, because based on facts and not rumors, we know the PS4 was always going to have GDDR5 it only changed to from 4GB up to 8GB the last day. Also the XBO would have had twice the amount of RAM, but not twice as powerful as the PS4 had they gone with 4GB of GDDR5.

Prior to their launch there were tons of rumors claiming the PS4 and XBO were going to be using APUs (which turned out to be true), but the rumors were based on APUs available at that time which were Trinity / Richland (which the XBO is currently just over 2x more powerful than).

The twice as powerful rumor came from the rumor of the XBO being powered by a GTX Titan, but it that was easily shot down by anyone with hardware knowledge considering the Titan was a $1,000 GPU, and was more than 2x more powerful than the PS4.

Regardless MS should have known better than simply going with DDR3, because an APUs performance is greatly affected by the speed of the memory, and looking at any GPU available at the time it was clear that 2GB of GDDR5 was a minimum requirement for the graphics and performance they were trying to achieve.

It was flatout smarter and easier to just drop in 4GB of DDR3 + 4GB of GDDR5, and call it a day. The only downside to this, is that they couldn't dynamically add or reduce memory usage if they ever needed to, which is the benefit of a shared memory pool, but when gaming is suppose to be your main function the graphics memory was the more important of the two, and seeing how Sony had access to a confirmed 4GB, MS should have at least be able to do the same.

TFJWM1227d ago

@redwin Ummm no. Sony had been planning on going with GDDR5 for awhile but it was only going to be 4mb. The last day Mark Cerny went into the meeting and said we really need 8 and they went for it.

Ghost_of_Tsushima1227d ago (Edited 1227d ago )

"From what we are seeing both PS4 and Xbox One are well thought out pieces of kit, and consumers are having a hard time choosing between them."

Funny you say that. Over 9 million PS4 owners and only around 5 million Xbox One owners. Doesn't seem to hard to see what everyone prefers more.

MasterCornholio1227d ago

If the sales were 50 50 I would agree. However the PS4 sold double the amount of Xbox Ones which is why I don't believe that consumers are having a hard time choosing between the two. Now if you compare it to the Wii U the story's a bit different.

Animal Mutha 761227d ago

Only 5 million?

That's hardly a failure or 'everyone'.

Personally I'm pleased that both have sold enough that they will be well supported. Many Gamers will buy both. I bought a PS3 for GT5 and will no doubt be tempted when GT7 comes along.

MysticStrummer1227d ago (Edited 1227d ago )

3 million of those sales were in 2013. In 2014 PS4 is outselling XB1 3 to 1.

IRetrouk1227d ago

Sega sold close to 10 million dreamcasts, didnt help them even with that amount sold, although saying that, micro can afford to take more of a hit than sega could. And lets not forget that the 5 million is shipped not sold.

nitus101226d ago


As to the failure of the Sega Dreamcast there are quite a few reasons. It would be best to read the following URL to get a much clearer picture of what really happened.

BTW Using Google I get about 168,000 hits on this topic but from what I can gather Sega over-reached itself even though some of the concepts were ground-breaking and paid the price.

Volkama1227d ago (Edited 1227d ago )

Is it a recent interview though?

“I’d be wary of rushing to snap judgments about the new hardware. You cannot really say anything until the first games are out and consumers have got their hands on both devices,”

I'm fairly certain that has already happened, no?

RegorL1227d ago

I also think this is a very old interview.

"Geomerics’s lighting middleware, Enlighten is being used in several upcoming games like Dragon Age Inquisition, Star Wars Battlefront and Mirrors Edge."

All using the same game engine, Enlighten is in Frostbite.

We already have several Frostbite games out there.
Battlefield 4
NFS Rivals
PvZ GW (soon on PS4)

XBox One can kind of keep up as long as frequency is kept @ 30 Hz. When running @ 60 Hz PS4 pulls away...

Artista 1227d ago

PS4 is available in more countries though. Sure, it would probably sell more of they were available in the same amount of countries but the gap wouldn't be this wide, so fall 2014 will be interesting.

I know I'm having a hard time deciding so I'm probably gonna end up with both.

Volkama1227d ago

I suspect most people here had both a 360 and a PS3, and I suspect most people here will eventually have a PS4 and a One. Even if it pains some of them to admit it :)

Bigger question is will they bother to subscribe to both consoles? Software and services are where the money is, not pure hardware numbers.

AnteCash1227d ago

Oh look what i found on croatian webshop.

According to you x1 is only available in 13 countrys.

Spotie1227d ago

What type of sales boost are you expecting? If it's anything other than a marginal increase, you're fooling yourself.

Madagascar isn't gonna help close the gap.

Psygnosis3331227d ago

XboxONE is available in Macedonia,Serbia and Slovenia too..The whole BALKAN

Master-H1227d ago

Yup, the xbone will really start to take off when it comes out in Cambodia /s

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xDHAV0K24x1227d ago

that's fine. Apple's iPhone outsells other smartphones. Doesn't mean it's the best for everyone!

RegorL1227d ago


Android has a 85% market share...

KennyCiseroJr1227d ago

Wow 9 million people with no games to play huh? bummer.

SmokingMonkey1227d ago

In case you forgot

The Last of Us

200+ GOTY awards

40+ 10/10's

Keith Olbermann1227d ago

How many more games x1 players playing over ps4?

BiggerBoss1227d ago

No games? That's funny, cause xboxs only real exclusives now are forza and kinect sports rivals. Everything else is either on or going to PC.


And exactly who are you trying to fool troll? There's hardly any games out for both systems fanboy. Why don't you and and the rest of the jackasses with no life go get a job? Or better yet, atleast quit trying to play captain save a ho. Even if someone starts it first, why lower yourself and show everyone how childish and moronic you are.

In case you are wondering, think there's 3 games that have been released that are worth it ( MGS & TLOU, WD,one of which is short but sweet, a semi GTA clone, and a slightly worse remake of a PS3 game . KZ,BF4,ISS, RSoR,Forza,UFC, and etc ; are all games that suffer from being rushed and released with either lack of content, all graphics no gameplay, being bug filled, so on and so on. Later this year ( maybe ) but definitely next year is when you will start to see games that are worth bragging about.

So to say only PS4 or only X1 have no games is just an utterly childish and stupid fanboy thing to say just because you feel the need to defend your purchase by grasping at whatever straw you can... BTW this not only is directed @ you but the rest of the tards in here that think the same way. Grow up people, why play games at all if you find more enjoyment flabbing gums online.

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k3rn3ll1227d ago

The country's man. The countries. It'll they are available in all the same markets I pay no attention to sales numbers

BX811227d ago

You have to take into account more than just sales on this one. If ms pulled their head out of there ass to begin with then we would have a better base on which console is preferred. IMO ps4 has the sales right now and for me ms has the games I want to play. Actually getting my ps4 early was a mistake for me.

Azzanation1227d ago

Take into account that 72 countries are selling the PS4 and that makes up more then 1 million sales out of there 9 million.
Xbox was surpose to come out next year instead MS brought it out early to not let PS4 take too much market. They manage to sell 5 million Xboxes when there API DX12 isnt even out.
Also MS had 8gigs of Ram from the start and MS kept with there Hardware strategie while Sony change there Hardware specs in the last minute. Only thing MS did was tweak there CPU.
Should thank MS because if it wasnt for them Sony would have stayed at 4gigs of Ram.

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mochachino1227d ago

"I’d be wary of rushing to snap judgments about the new hardware. You cannot really say anything until the first games are out and consumers have got their hands on both devices,”

Many games are already out.

Why do I feel that the close EA-MS relationship is somehow behind this. All games mentioned using guys middleware are EA games.

Volkama1227d ago

OK, here's what we've got: EA and Microsoft, in conjunction with the saucer people, under the supervision of the reverse vampires, are forcing middleware developers to provide neutral quotes about the consoles.

Is that about right?

joeorc1227d ago (Edited 1227d ago )

yes because no companies use Astroturfing techniques on the internet..LMAO





Yes; because No one does it, sure thing is all a conspiracy.


Or maybe just maybe you can count on a company to do what a company does in its best own interests!


“Just keep rubbing it in, via the press, analysts, newsgroups, whatever. Make the complete failure of the competition’s technology part of the mythology of the computer industry.” -

–Microsoft, internal document

TankCrossing1227d ago

@joeorc you think MS and EA are teaming up to offer incentives or strongarm middleware developers into giving neutral answers like "From what we are seeing both PS4 and Xbox One are well thought out pieces of kit"

You're in deep, but I am glad you can laugh about it LMAO

Bathyj1227d ago

We're through the looking glass here people.

rdgneoz31227d ago

Yep, a lot of games are out, and the differences have been shown. Games will only get better looking as the gen goes on, but the opposition won't be sitting on their hands. Last gen MS had the console that was easier to make games for off the bat and multiplats looked better on it for a while (the cell was a bit complex to work with). This gen, both systems are similar architecture (x86) and similar CPU, with differences being mainly in ram and GPU. And judging by the games currently available, the shoes on the other foot this gen.

And seeing as MS has called the esram an evolution of the 360's edram, it's not too hard to get a grasp on like it was for developers with the PS3's cell.

kingvendrick1227d ago

Its just more damage control. The PS4 sales figures beg to differ.

Sonital1227d ago

Damage control by Geometrics?

Cryptcuzz1227d ago

They are a middleware company and so they would be smart to stay neutral as much as possible. All they want is to promote their middleware to as many developers on all sides as possible.

Gh05t1227d ago (Edited 1227d ago )

So much stupid spin in this article it makes me dizzy.

He really has no opinion yet? He is lying and trying not to make either Sony or Microsoft mad at him by claiming a better console. I am an Xbox One owner but c'mon its okay to say PS4 is easier to make games or middleware for or vice versa... Have an opinion or dont answer the question but to speak this drivel to not alienate one console or another is cowardly.

Why o why1227d ago

Spoken like a champ.

These judgements aren't snap ones

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