GameStop the Hate

By Cyrus Martin

Ok, so first let me address the obvious. I have written a couple of editorials that have been criticized and viewed as controversial because I took a stance that was interpreted to be “negative”. Some fans of some things just have a really thin skin and can’t abide any opinion that differs from their own. I expect to see somewhat of a similar reaction to this piece but not because I am going to go negative here… I am actually going to go hard core positive. Normally saying good things about a topic would not be very controversial at all but this is different. Today, I dare to offer praise to the most popular target for hatred in the gaming community. Yes, I’m talking about Gamestop.

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equal_youth1505d ago

i hate gamestop as much as i hate digital buys :/
local privat retailers are ur friends but maybe its just in my country that way cause germany u know..

guitarded771505d ago

I like my local GameStop employees... but I hate GameStop. The only thing I buy from them is launch consoles because I can get it at midnight. For games I can wait on UPS since they get it to the door launch day.

Prime1571505d ago (Edited 1505d ago )

I used to work at one, hate it as well.

But I can't tell you how many people yelled at me when I told them the trade value of their "new(ish) game."

I hate GameStop because the uppers push the clerks (incentivising without having an incentive) to SELL to (usually ignorant) customers rather than help them to find a game.

Not to mention other stupid decisions like putting live product (systems) by the front door then yelling at manager on duty who had no one else working at the time ...because they don't give stores enough hours to keep staffed with 2 people at given time.... that someone ran out with 3 systems.

I have more qualms, but back on topic...

The customer often is the reason that the same customer leaves unhappy.... I truly believe that... I've had one bad restaurant experience that i can recall, and even less retail... yet some people have many PER week/month/ect.. basically, you create good or bad (shopping) experiences around you. Live and learn.

ScottyHoss1505d ago

Yeah idiot I used to work with was bragging about grabbing some PS3s that were on sale a few years back with his buddies -_- douche move but they put them there, but they're just boxes now... Right?

BattleN1505d ago

Instead of us hating each other on the basis of what console we prefer let us hate gamestop!

derrickgott0071506d ago

The opened game sold as new ENRAGES me! I bought Skate 3 as "New" and the DLC codes for directors mode were missing. Gamestop refused to give me the codes or refund my money.

DaleCooper1506d ago

I can't stand that either. I refuse to take those copies when they try to sell me that.

BattleN1505d ago

I'd rather give away my games instead of trading them into gamestop

Concertoine1506d ago

I worked for gamestop for about two months, very unpleasant first job. I did get dibs on the pounds of stuff they destroyed or threw out on a weekly basis though.

Xbot3601506d ago

I bet this guy is a PS4 fanboy sony pony.

cyrusmartin1506d ago

We all have our own unique experiences with Gamestop. I have had bad ones too. I've had more positive then bad though. I hear people slamming them all day long every day and saying that they hope Gamestop goes out of business and in fact all brick and mortars go out of business. That may eventually happen but I do not look forward to it. I'd much rather have a store like Gamestop available to me then be at the mercy of direct download only or online ordering. Department stores stock some games and accessories but not nearly as many and the selection offered at Best Buy can't really compare. Of course, people want them to go out of business too. I think people are just whiners. The great American pass time is to complain. If we didn't have Gamestop then we would all complain about whatever the remaining options were. If you don't like this store then don't shop there. Quit making everyone else listen to you carry on and on about it. Some of us are getting some good deals. It's not for everyone. Nothing is. They are in no way perfect though and as I said in the article, I agree that they have some really annoying policies and employees. Every store does.

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