Cybernator on the Wii U Virtual Console Trailer

Cybernator on the Wii U Virtual Console Trailer

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Godmars2901444d ago

@0:34 - After all these years, just now realized that that mech's support ship was waiting right "beneath" something which should have knocked it out of position. Damaged if not destroyed it even.

deafdani1444d ago

Damn. Cybernator, Super Mario Kart and Murasame Castle all on the same week?

Awesome. It should be like this, ALWAYS.

lilbroRx1444d ago

I refuse to by this butchered mess. If you want this game then go get the retranslation for it somewhere online that didn't have all of the plot cut out.

ChickeyCantor1444d ago (Edited 1444d ago )

I never played cybernator for the "lore". It was just an awesome game. PEW PEW. Look at that landing slide physics. Truly unbelief.