EA may bring The Sims 4 to other platforms

EA will "explore the possibility" of porting The Sims 4 to other platforms once the PC version has launched and is "playing well", producer Ryan Vaughan has said.

Speaking in this week's issue of MCV, Vaughan explained that while The Sims 4 is "only coming to PC at the moment... once we get it to the point when it launches in September and find that the game is playing well, we'll explore the possibility of it coming to other platforms."

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-Foxtrot1472d ago

Yeah a dumbed down version of it like the other Sims

I mean I still don't understand how the Sims 3 on consoles couldn't handle opening up the entire town without loading screens....yet we have something like Skyrim

thorstein1472d ago

The running joke in our family: We call it The Sims 3: Loading Screens.

It takes so long to load! Longer than any other game we own. My daughter spends more time watching loading screens than playing the game.

nope1111471d ago

I hope so, my mother loves these games, but her PC sucks.

MysticStrummer1471d ago

I like The Sims and normally this would be good news for me, but if they're cutting regular features out to sell as DLC later then screw that.

contradictory1471d ago

i wouldn't necessarily cry about that anyways
the more i hear, the more i feel like skipping on this game
guess i'll wait for the reviews to come in anyways

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