Gamescom 2014 will be BIG

ArabicGamers writes:

The biggest European gaming event in the calendar is fast approaching, as developers, publishers and press gear up for Gamescom next week. As usual there'll be big press conferences from Microsoft, Sony and EA to look forward to, and on the show floor there'll be tons of games to try out and get to grips with before release.

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IHassounah1320d ago

Im interested in seeing what Microsoft and Sony will have , EA not so much.
I expect Sony to showcase their big games like Uncharted 4.

Is Microsoft gonna make a full press conference or is it like last year where a 30 min. conference was done ?

iamnsuperman1320d ago

I thought Microsoft were doing a proper conference. They have some big things to show like Quantum Break which will require extensive explanation (how the whole TV side will work). EA will demo FIFA. I don't really seem them going much further than that. Sony will be interesting to see (hopefully Media Molecule is there)

Strangelover1320d ago

My predictions for Sony conference
1) Media Molecule shows their game with summer 2015 release date
2) Quantic Dream will be on the conference with the announcement of their PS4 project, but there won't be a release date
3) Vita will get a third party AAA exclusive
4) Minecraft Vita release date will be announced
5) Shadow of the beast and Until Dawn are revealed for PS4
6) Everybody's Gone to the Rapture will get a first gameplay trailer with graphics compared to Uncharted 4

VforVideogames1319d ago

Sounds interesting, can you do predictions for Microsoft conference?

Strangelover1319d ago

I don't quite know what they are working on but that's just what I think:
1) Quantum Break will have a 8 minute demo showcasing stellar gameplay graphics with Sam Lake explaining the essence of TV show and a game
2) Sledgehammer Games will show CoD multiplayer
3) A new exclusive IP will be announced from a third party developer (that we don't see very often)
That's basically it, I just don't really know about Microsoft's projects

IHassounah1319d ago (Edited 1319d ago )

Microsoft Conference :

1- Rare Ltd. game get teased
2- New Gears of War get a CGI trailer
3- Class 4 get teased
4- more Quantum Break gameplay
5- more Fable Legends gameplay
6- LXP game revealed
7- Platform Next reveal their game too
8- more gameplay of multiplatform games
9- more gameplay of sunset overdrive
10- indie games

EA conference :

1- Bioware reveal their new IP
2- Bioware showcase the first trailer for ME4
3- Sims 4 gameplay
4- Hardline single player gameplay
5- Battlefront 3 first gameplay debut
6- Visceral Star Wars game teased
7- Mirror's Edge 2 new trailer...and yah I almost forgot

Sony conference :

1- Uncharted 4 gameplay
2- Everybody's Gone to Rapture debut gameplay trailer
3- Until Dawn
4- Media Molecule first debut gameplay trailer for their new IP
5- Dead Island 2 real time trailer
6- Batman Arkham Knight gameplay
7- new IP from Guerrilla Games
8- Far Cry 4 gameplay
9- The Order gameplay
10- Quantic Dream announcing their game

DarkZane1319d ago

Guess we have to wait till tokyoshow for anything FFXV related, if at all.

PrinceOfAllSaiyans1319d ago

I just really hope we see Guerrilla Games New IP, that's what I mostly want to see.

DarkOcelet1319d ago

Announce Syphon Filter project and i will be a happy person , the last guardian trailer would be awesome but not expecting anything on that .

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