Gamescom 2014 is coming


"Next week the PlayStation team will be decamping to Cologne, Germany, for the annual Gamescom extravaganza, where gamers from across the continent converge to get their hands on the biggest titles hitting the racks soon.

As per tradition, we’ll be holding a media briefing to showcase the huge variety of games coming to PlayStation platforms later this year and into 2015. Expect new game announcements alongside updates on some of the blockbuster titles you’ll be playing this winter."

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Magicite1446d ago

E3, GamesCom and TGC are like Christmas, Easter and Midsummer festival for gamers.

Hellsvacancy1446d ago

Sorry but that was an AWFUL advert

levian1446d ago

Damn, that was an official ad from Sony? That was laughably bad..

Games4ever1446d ago

Please let it be Dragon's Dogma 2.

Sevir1446d ago

So 12 noon for New York - Florida. 9a for the west coast! :)

I'll be streaming from the PS4 browser.

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