Review: Sacred 3 (DarkZero)

Dominic Sheard: "It has been almost six years since I reviewed Sacred 2: Fallen Angel back in 2008 on the PC. This was a time when Diablo III was still in development, and while the series never had a chance against the dominating Diablo games, taking the Deep Silver published title on its own, it was a rather solid action RPG that back then had good graphics, addictive loot gameplay and put a smile on your face with its stupid, goofy, if appalling, story. After taking a stint in the 2D side scrolling brawler genre, Deep Silver has let a new developer take over the reins of the Sacred franchise, Keen Games, a studio that probably isn’t all that well known to most, but I am sure they are about to make a mark for all the wrong reasons with Sacred 3, because Keen Games has made big changes to the formula - this isn't what you expect from a mainline entry in the Sacred franchise."

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