This is How GTA V, Watch Dogs, Saints Row 4 Looks When Played on 1973 TV

Have you ever imagined how Watch Dogs, Grand Theft Auto V, Saints Row 4 and Soul Calibur 5 will looks like when played on Xbox 360 on 1973 black and white TV?

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Hellsvacancy1264d ago

Luckily I have an imagination and can assume what it looks like, nothing to see here (unless you have no imagination)

16bitNutritionist1264d ago

Regardless if u can imagine it, it's still cool to actually see it...

Hellsvacancy1264d ago

Really? "hay lets watch Avatar on a black/white tv, it's sooo cool" tis not cool

PeaSFor1264d ago

why is this "article"(more like a futile blog) even exist anyway?

Dee_911264d ago

No full allowed here at N4G, only real gaming news and real rumors.

3-4-51264d ago

@hell - Pretty sure some of those were just faded colored tv's.

Utalkin2me1263d ago

I bet Limbo would be cool on a 1973 TV =).

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16bitNutritionist1264d ago

Sorry Master of "All what is cool"

iiorestesii1264d ago

@ PeaSFor Well the article is more entertaining than your comment, anyway. The peanut gallery will always be a gallery.

iiorestesii1264d ago

If you have an imagination and can assume, then why did you check?

Utalkin2me1263d ago

Then why not just move on without commenting?

TheSaint1263d ago

Maybe let people decide for themselves if there's anything to see, you sound a very dour person.

EZMickey1263d ago

Damn, dude. Not every gaming related write-up will interest you. No need to be a buzz kill though. The appeal is there for many others.

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blue_cheese1264d ago

pretty cool. some games would seem better this way, mainly indie and downloadable titles.

PCGamingNoobs1264d ago

can't tell if looked bad because of the camera or the tv

CloudyAero1264d ago

I bet Fallout 3 would look normal on it though. It'd match the setting haha.

Ghost_of_Tsushima1264d ago

The fact that the TV from 1973 is still working is more amazing than playing those games on it. Nothing last like it used to.

Ron_Danger1264d ago

Yeah... But at least there's pills for that now...

iceman061263d ago

This is the first thought that I had as well. My grandmother had a TV from that era that lived up until she passed away. I bought a TV 6 years ago and it started to die in the 5th year. I honestly believe these things are reverse engineered to break so that we have to replace them. No tin foil hat!!! LOL

Mutant-Spud1263d ago

Well in the 1970's when a TV broke you called the TV repair guy and he came to your house and fixed it or took it back to his shop and did the work.
We had this old Jewish guy in town who could fix anything, watches, TV's, blenders and he had one of those cool, dingy old shops with the banks of drawers for every little part, if you needed an element or a bulb or a valve for any obscure piece of equipment he usually had it.

iceman061263d ago

@Mutant-Spud...I understand that. What I am saying is that her TV actually worked the entire time. It was over 20 years old and about the only thing "broken" were the plastic nobs on the front. The TV itself was in fine, working condition. I can't say the same for my $600 doorstop.

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