Custom Moves the New Trend in Fighting Games?

Aidan discusses the new features in Mortal Kombat X and Super Smash Bros. Custom Moves.

"Older Fighting Games Offer Custom Skins, Now We Are Looking At Custom Moves. Is This New Feature a Blessing or a Curse?"

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ion6661438d ago

I think its awesome ,its like choosing a load out for your fighting game character. As in any fighting some characters are stronger than others. Choosing the right character fo the job to defeat your opponent.Having these variations keeps you with the same character ,mastering their strenghts and weaknesses.Instead of picking someone else. More choice is always a good thing.It would not work for tekken though. Those characters have a million moves each so its more balanced.Except for the frickin lazer beams.

lilbroRx1438d ago

This failed when it tried to attribute some form of connection between the design decisions of Mario Kart and Mortal Kombat.

I'm sure both have those features for their own reasons independent of each other or any trends.

This isn't something new either. Many fightig games have had custom move features. Then doesn't point to any form of "trend".