Where in the World Is Local Co-Op?

Non-Fiction Gaming writer Aidan discusses multiplayer gaming.

"Ever since stable Internet services were able to be provided for gaming, there has been a push to use these services to encourage multiplayer gameplay. For some games, this actually makes a lot of sense."

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MSBAUSTX1382d ago

I have been extremely disappointed with the lack of local Co op and I am not the only one. Of course Halo did it well and some games like Mario Kart 8 have a form of co op in teams. However, shooters have neglected this for a while. At least COD has had zombies which can be played locally in co op and you can play locally with someone online as well. But what we need is another game that we can play through the campaign with a buddy sitting right next to you. However, doing this today and maintaining resolution and frame rate is probably the problem. With people putting so much pressure on designers to keep their graphics at top of the line for consoles it is hard to make a co op local game and not sacrifice these aspects, which has driven people to really complain about certain games unfairly. Naturally, there would have to be a reduction of these things to make the game smooth when two people are playing on the same screen. The Wii U does pretty well because it uses two screens without significant reduction. But there are no local Co Op games that I know of besides Guacamelee on other next gen consoles. Local Co Op needs to come back because most people online are either too good at the game or can be a little....hard to play with at times. I like playing with my friends.