13 Games That Failed to Live up to Their Trailers

From Assassin’s Creed to The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct, no property is assured of living up to the hype generated by beautiful marketing.

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shadow18spirit1440d ago

Dead island and assassins creed wasnt that bad

guitarded771440d ago

The article isn't talking about "bad". Just says they didn't live up to their epic trailers... which is kinda true. That first trailer for Dead Island was awesome.

Dukemz1440d ago

Yeah, I also expected a high quality story that would link in with the trailer somehow. Instead the Dead Island story was weak, with somewhat repetitive gameplay.

pandehz1440d ago (Edited 1440d ago )

Dead Island easily.

The game was just horrid. Bad controls, bad plot, bad game play, worst kind of loot ever and a whole lot more of bad.

Dukemz1440d ago

Yet it sold so well, it got an expansion and a sequel! #embarrassed to be a gamer

s8anicslayer1440d ago

I'm pretty surprised TItanfall is not on this list, I know these lists are pretty much subjective and clearly would be a lot more than 13 but from E3 13 Titanfall was being touted as the call of duty killer and the killer app for the app for Xbox one but failed to have that impact on the industry as many were saying it would. Other then that I pretty much agree with this list...Let's not forget about bulletstorm.

Sadist31440d ago

Every Assassin's Creed and inFamouse