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5 Crucial Things Saints Row IV Did Better Than GTA V

Non-Fiction Gaming writer KRS puts GTA V and Saints Row IV side by side.

"By no means is (GTA V) terrible or lacking in some rather fun moments, but I would personally have given the game a 7 or 8 out 10. Meanwhile, Saints Row IV (and its predecessor Saints Row the Third) were doing almost everything better than GTA V, but being ignored by the mainstream." (Grand Theft Auto V, Saints Row 4, Xbox 360)

Mr Marvel  +   423d ago
SR3 & SR4 were both more fun than GTAV imo... although you can't argue with the quality and scope of GTAV.
Hanuman  +   423d ago
Really? GTA Online is the most fun I've had with an open world game, ever!
Mugen90  +   422d ago
SR2 is more fun than SR3 and SR4
Mugen90  +   422d ago
They really said SR3 and SR4 environment is better than GTA V. We all damn well know Steelport is one of, if not the worst open world city so far.
CaptainFist  +   422d ago
Terrible article. GTA V is better than SRIV in every conceivable way.

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