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The Skinny writes:

"So good, if it came out on PlayStation 5 as The Last of Us: Remastered (The Director’s Cut) we’d probably buy it again."

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The Hillman1474d ago

Hey man, I wrote the review and I agree (obviously).

For me this game was a pivotal point in storytelling within videogames - that opening sequence with Joel's daughter choked me up and that was one of many times TLoU got me by the throat. All credit to Ashley Johnson and Troy Baker.

funkybudda1474d ago

I share the same sentiment, in fact my wife watched me play the first part of the intro sequence, because she was curious why I was so giddy when I received the game and couldn't wait to play it. She was shocked at the production value, her comments were filled with words like "amazing", "movie-like", "great graphics" etc. She cried when Joe's daughter died, and now she recommends the game to all her friend that if their husbands or boyfriends want to pick up a PS4, that game is a must-have.

Great job ND, for a life-changing gaming experience.

Yaay4me1474d ago

good review bro. and yes, the game pulls you in like a good book.

S2Killinit1474d ago

can't wait for more from ND.

The Hillman1474d ago

Definitely, Uncharted 4 is sure the fantastic and I'd also be well up for TLoU 2 if they can find a compelling reason to make the game. On the other hand sometimes things are best left alone...