Sony Working on New PS4 and PS3 Video Streaming Application

Media streaming and applications are still a bit weak on the PS4, and there’s definitely more room for improvement. It seems that Sony is working on it, as revealed by a new career opportunity ad published by SCEE

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Tsar4ever011475d ago

Probably it's being created for the PSnow so it stream movies as well as games. PSN + PSNow = Sen cloud service.

iamnsuperman1475d ago

Seems like Sony doesn't want to be totally reliant on other platforms like Twitch or YouTube (all owned by google). It is hard to say what it will be but to me it sounds like a Twitch style of service.

equal_youth1475d ago

that would be great maybe they'll take more advantage from the whats new page if find it kind of strange that you have to use either twitter or Facebook to post your thinks there.

Jdoki1475d ago

Agreed... Now that Twitch is slowly starting to add the same BS restrictions as YouTube I can see the platform becoming less popular - especially if Live Broadcasts get hit with the same crap.

It seems incredible to me that a service dedicated to streaming games is muting the VOD's of people (in 30 minute chunks) just because the game has some snippet of music that supposedly contravenes copyright...

Ultimately the music industry is to blame as they believe they should get paid for everything. It's amazing that even though a musician or a developer or game publisher can say they have no issue with people streaming their games, and that effectively the streamers are giving everyone involved, including the music labels and musicians free advertising - they still get shot down.

It's disgusting.

I can't wait for the Reddit AMA with Twitch tonight!

Vitalogy1475d ago

"Now that Twitch is slowly starting to add the same BS restrictions as YouTube"

And you don't think sony will impose those restrictions and/or even more?

All big companies do it, sooner or later they all do.

Jdoki1475d ago

Sooner or later it MIGHT have happened, but Twitch showed no sign of doing this until Google started showing interest.

uStream and Hitbox are not doing it.

It would not be in Sony's interest to create a service to stream games and then mute or censor or ban streams that had music that some label wants to strong arm people under the name of 'copyright infringement' rather than 'fair use' - it would undermine the entire service, so I suspect they'll find a way - such as not using Audible Magic, or having T's&C's that state in-game music is used under fair use.

CoTton_MoUtH1475d ago

SCE needs to just work on the things that we've been asking for from the beginning. If I'm not mistaken b4 they revealed the console they advertised the guy coming home hoping online and begin able to see his friends gameplay from his news feed where the hell is that?

S2Killinit1475d ago

i don't remember anything like that.

Clover9041475d ago

Are you talking about friend's streams, because that's under What's New.

JetsFool35001475d ago

You can do that if your friend is live streaming & it'll show up on the what's new page

CoTton_MoUtH1475d ago (Edited 1475d ago )

It isn't twitch idiots

Thatguy-3101475d ago

They are simply uploading game play video and the guy is watching it from the what's new section. The PS4 does do that.

JetsFool35001475d ago

You must have boring friends that dont upload anything because you can do that already

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Keith221475d ago

Maybe they are looking to create there own twitch style service due to the google buyover google might be implementing new policys that will affect current PS4 streams on twitch

WhiteScythe1475d ago

Maybe the can improve the video streaming quality. Twitch is terrible /:

Jdoki1475d ago

To their credit it seems to be getting better.. But t's still not the greatest even with a really fast connection.

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