Media Entitlement: Stop It and Be Happy

HSR's Bryan Dull writes:

'There used to be a time when we were happy as a society for the things that we had and didn’t complain about the steps it took to have material goods. Something has happened over the years that has brought us to a mental level of telling ourselves, “We need to have things the way that we want them.” There is this apparent sense of entitlement across the board in regards to our entertainment, especially in gaming.

I read an article around the time of the Destiny beta that made no sense to me; about how Bungie had essentially tricked the public into believing that if they pre-ordered the game they would have some exclusive right to the beta access. As most gamers know, the beta went public during the end of its run. The article expressed how we, the gamers, were ripped off for putting down money for the pre-order.'

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