Project CARS Comparison - Current vs Two Years Old Build - Shows Huge Environmental Improvements

ADRIANF1esp has shared with us a Project CARS comparison video between the game’s build 249 of July 2012 and build 782 of today.

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mrmonk1444d ago

Looking good,,looking forward to this need to get my hands on a good racing game for my ps4.

jay21444d ago

well obviously it will with 2 years of dev time

Rivitur1444d ago

Yea but how does it look in motion.. : P

masterfox1444d ago (Edited 1444d ago )

wow I don't know you but the 2012 side looks real, great natural lighning effect and you can feel the tense of driving in a real place at high speeds, meanwhile the 2014 version it looks like any other racer.

2012 looks freaking awesome, 2014 is now average :/, is a real shame.

Dunno if everyone else sees this.

Lol this video, dunno if they are aiming with this video to show improvements but I think is very damaging cause the 2012 part look lot more intense and thats due to how real it looks.

the 2014 version, has unnecessary over saturated colors, too much lens flare, bad shadowing, etc.

Now look at this racer:

Ol_G1444d ago

dude you disgust me with your fanboyism

blackmagic1444d ago

Sony is good at crafting pretty "trailers" but as usual, the ACTUAL graphics and gameplay is no where near the promise.

Artemidorus1444d ago

You finding more excuses for buying a Playstation 4?

EvilWay1444d ago

LMFAOOOO DriveCLub is a disgrace to racing games

EvilWay1444d ago

There is no way this game will look this good on console though, if it does I will be very impressed

masterfox1444d ago

lol After looking the video Driveclub looks miles better :D

EvilWay1444d ago

Yea but DriveClub is a joke of a racing game compared to this. Graphically it is impressive but it lacks compared to others in so many categories


But is it really PS4 footage? Batman at E3 was said to be "PS4 version' but it was on a PC

Skate-AK1444d ago (Edited 1444d ago )

They have already shown PS4 footage.

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