Top 10 DC Characters to Appear in MK vs DCU

If you haven't heard by now, the next Mortal Kombat game is going to be MK vs DCU: a crossover game that features the cast of the Mortal Kombat universe versus character from the world of DC Comics. Mortal Kombat's story and characters in many ways aren't much different than what you might find in a comic book. This list excludes already known characters such as Batman and Superman since they're already confirmed as being in the game.

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Pornlord3842d ago

As much as I LOVED the preacher and sandman series. I just can't see Corinthian or Cassidy being good characters. They are just too dangerous. It's like putting Jason Vorhees in the game, you can't kill him, so what's the point?

MK_Red3842d ago

Man, I'd get a heartattack if Cassidy or anyone else from Preacher was in MK vs DC. Arseface for the final boss!

But I don't think Preacher is part of DC Universe (The game is MK vs DC Universe).

perils3842d ago

preacher is dc vertigo so yeah he could be in it. i dunno i think id prefer jesse custer being in it and his special moves could involve calling in other characters like cassidy, the saint of killers and john wayne and maybe using his word of god as finishers (see hugo roots demise). id like to see V aswell!

crimsonfox3842d ago (Edited 3842d ago )

heard of half these assclowns this is pathetic boon's a douche

swampthing???wtf is that
blue beetle???please
powergirl???hahhaaha how stupid
marvel has WAY BETTER characters then this

Mcrmarcher3842d ago

This sucks, will there be fatalites? if theres not then what the hell is the point? i imagine theres some blood when fighting......

No fatalites = Epic fail

MK_Red3842d ago

Article has a huge error in it. Scorpion would never run away, not even from The Corinthian. He stands and fights.