Zelda Hyrule Warriors: Ganondorf will get two other costumes

Koei Tecmo reveals two new costumes for Ganondorf. The first one is coming from Zelda Ocarina Of Time and the other one from Zelda Twilight Princess.

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MSBAUSTX1298d ago

I can not wait to bring utter destruction to the battle field with gannon in this game. This will be a very good purchase I believe. Couple it with smash brothers coming this holiday amd imI will be a very happy Nintendo fan.

jcnba281298d ago

That's the main reason why I'm getting the game, playing as a bunch of previously unplayable characters from the Zelda franchise is going to be sweet.

deafdani1298d ago

This is Ganondorf, not Ganon. Ganon is Ganondorf in beast form.

CouldHaveYelledUiiW1298d ago

Pig Gannon LoZ 1 & 2 and Beast Gannon from OoT?

Or maybe Demise.