Video Games - A powerful medium being crippled by double standards

MWEB GameZone writes: "Movies, music and books have always been popular mediums with which to create discussions around various topics. From gender discrimination to racism to depression, no subject has been left unturned. It’s deemed appropriate, even necessary, for these mediums to play a role in making us think about uncomfortable topics. Yet it seems the gaming industry is denied that same opportunity."

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schmoe1445d ago

interesting read and really good write!

plut0nash1445d ago

Look at Osama Hunt, a game made around 22 years ago. The people who created the game didn't care a bit about what they did. Game makers make what is in their mind / hearts. If they think deeper than 2cm into the ground, the result is often a better game with far more interesting content.

Outlast thrives on shock factor most of the time, the mental health issues are nowhere near the highlight as the horror stuff.

At the end of the day a balancing act needs to happen between entertainment and commentary. We want interactivity and enjoyment, those are the primary drivers. Games like COD straddle a fine line in this regard. The enemies you face are quite familiar but no names are mentioned, when you shoot one it's the same as shooting an empty box. The boxes just get more complex as games look better.

I do however think that we're seeing more mature products hitting our consoles, phones and PCs. I mean in terms of the age restricted stuff and overall quality. Maybe it's because things look so good, that devs now have to start delivering on better representation?

HanCilliers1445d ago

What about if a dev makes a game NOT for enjoyment but as a social commentary, or a catalyst for reflection?

plut0nash1445d ago

Look, it's fine if there is social commentary or writing put in for reflection. I still feel like a game needs to be played, and gameplay + story needs to be merged in order for it to be an enjoyable experience.

CongoKyle1445d ago

I feel my focus on gaming has always been in the competitive path! I don't really take these things into account! Great read.

lord zaid1444d ago (Edited 1444d ago )

The problem is that people still largely view games as toys, as childish.

And serious topics, like Gaza, shouldn't be belittled into childrens toys. Except that games aren't childish, are they?