PS4 Exclusive JRPG Omega Quintet’s New and Cutesy Trailer Features Lots of Singing and Dancing

Singing and dancing are between the main themes of Compile Heart’s upcoming PS4 exclusive JRPG Omega Quintet, which will be released in Japan on September 18th.

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chikane1444d ago (Edited 1444d ago )

so the games that will save the ps4 in jap are finally coming.. bring on Omega Quintet’s

also this reminds me of akb00048

Paprika1444d ago

Yeah great, and so ps4 jrpg journey begins! Let's hope for more great titles!

Level 5.... bring back white knight chronicles damn it, I miss the online play. Or, just dark cloud 3 please!

jonboi241444d ago

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaanimmmmmmmmmeeee eeeeeee..... But in all seriousness I'm kinda da interested in playing this game.

ORyanDeee1444d ago

looks like that other Japanese dancing game on the PS4, just with new characters lol

Darkwatchman1444d ago

I love JRPG's. it is one of my favorite genres, however, I can not get over the fact of how technically ugly a lot of Japanese games are. Look at Natural Doctrine on the PS4. That looks like a mediocre ps3 game visually speaking and this looks like it could pass for ps2 visuals(not to mention almost every ps3 era JRPG looked bad also). I will probably get this game because well I'm a sucker for Japanese games, but it's slightly disappointing that so many of these games look so visually unimpressive. It's like once we got past the ps2/GameCube/Xbox generation, save for huge studies like Square Enix, japanese games never stopped evolving past that era's visual quality.

One of the few last gen JRPG's that looked damn good and acceptable for its generation was Tales of Vesperia on the 360. That is what I expected any cell-shaded/cartoony game last gen to look, but sadly, nearly all fall short on that front. Hell, even the far more recent Tales of Xillia and Tales of Xillia 2 look WAY WORSE than Tales of Vesperia.

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