Who will steal the show at gamescom 2014? The Man in the Pink Suit.

MWEB GameZone writes: "The question as to who will steal the show at gamescom 2014 is very easy to answer - the man in the pink suit - Pagin Min from Far Cry 4. Sure, we've got many contenders for center stage, there's the gory The Evil Within, the funny Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel, the bewitching Shadow of Mordor, the run-of-the-mill Advanced Warfare, but not one of these can match the controversy, flamboyant style and engaging presence of Pagin Min. We predict he will be the number one video game villain of all time."

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DesVader1352d ago

The Man in the Pink suit sounds like a villian from a Bond movie (- the pink).

vishmarx1352d ago

this game is gonna be amazing,i just wanna fight a tiger atop an elephant

plut0nash1352d ago

Hmm Far Cry 4 looks fun but not brilliant. Shadow of Mordor looks more interesting though.

vishmarx1352d ago

depends ,
totally if nemesis system is as good as it seems.
but otherwise i think the game kinda lacks the very least id like to see people other than the orcs and the like he' the only non-orc in all of mordor.i mean all weve seen so far is he runs around and kills stuff.
its a day 1 purchase none-the less.ive always wanted to play as a wraith from mordor.

plut0nash1352d ago

I wonder how the Tolkien fans will react :)

HanCilliers1352d ago

If they manage to catch some of the depth of the story of Mordor and not just make the usual fight the rcs with super skills

SonZeRo1352d ago

I think Farcry 4 stands a good chance. But there is alot of other IP's going around that can make a dent in it. Advanced Warfare will be up there simply because it is a CoD title. I just wish for a Fallout title thats all.

HanCilliers1352d ago

Now you talking! Fallout!

Dee_911352d ago

Mad Max looks like it has some promise

plut0nash1352d ago

Yes. Fallout would be great. You're not alone in that request :)

Bonkerz1352d ago (Edited 1352d ago )

In my opinion im more hyped up for Quantum Break then anything else that can be shown. Quantum Break just looks like it is going to be absolutely amazing.

@Hancilliers.. Trust me im a huge Farcry fan i actually beat the far cry 3 like 10 times lol, was probably my favorite game of all last generation. Quantum Break just looks absolutely incredible though. Also from what they are saying on social media it seems like the confidence they have in QB is also there.

HanCilliers1352d ago

I recon 2nd to FC4 for me, it's also Quantum Break.

iNFAMOUZ11352d ago

can't wait to kill me some elephants

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The story is too old to be commented.